Do you know what the #1 thing is that I see people struggle with the most when it comes to reaching their fitness goals??

> It’s not working out.
> It’s not food.

It’s creating a plan AND sticking to it!

Everyone seems to understand the need to workout. Everyone seems to understand the need to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. So, what holds most people back in reaching their goals?

> they fail to plan
> they fail to execute on that plan

When there is no plan, it’s too easy to just “wing it” but winging it often leads to:

> eating too much
> eating too little
> eating at the wrong times
> eating foods NOT good for you
> snacking off of your kids plate
> snacking late at night
> snacking out of boredom
> working out randomly
> working out only when you feel like it
> not bringing the right intensity to your workout
> not doing the right workout

Here’s the other thing too… why do we over complicate this step? You don’t need Pinterest, or recipe books, or google to create a plan. You just need a system to know what workout to do and what type of foods fuel you best for your particular body. Then, you just have to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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