Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset


There was a time that I thought since I was running 30-40 miles a week and working out everyday that I DESERVED pizza, huge bowls of spaghetti, chocolates, desserts, and other odds and ends everyday. 

Calorie in, calorie out… Right?!?! 

WRONG! It wasn’t until I learned a thing or two about proper nutrition and how our bodies respond to certain foods and supplements that I discovered what it actually feels like to have natural occurring energy, proper nutrient absorption and digestion, and a balanced metabolism.

If it wasn’t for THIS program I would still be justifying the way I used to eat after every run or workout. 

It’s called the ULTIMATE RESET and its a 21 day cleanse/detox that I’ve done several times and absolutely recommend to anyone looking into an all natural, sensitive, no-starvation detox cleanse. 


Ultimate ResetThe Ultimate Reset program is spread out over 21 days and designed to detox and cleanse your body of toxins by providing you with nutrient dense whole foods and supplements for a total of 3 weeks. You will receive a detailed, daily menu with shopping list guides and great healthy recipes. You will also get a combination of five supplements designed to bring your body back to an optimal health level (a.k.a your very own TUNEUP!).

When committing to this program with me as your coach, you will not only receive the necessary tools to succeed but you will also have me to support you through the program and give your the motivation and encouragement you will need along the way.  Many of my members that have completed the program have lost weight, increased their natural supply of energy, lowered their cholesterol levels, and felt restored and reenergized after only 21 days!

The very first time I completed this program in March of 2013, I decided to make it a regular part of my routine and complete it twice a year. This incredible plan has changed my outlook on the foods I eat, as well as the foods I feed my family and I plan to utilize the extraordinary healthy benefits from here on out.


Ultimate Reset PhasesIt is best to look at this program as 3 different phases, each one lasting one week:

Phase 1: Reclaim control over your body and your health by balancing your inner chemistry and preparing your body for the changes you will be experiencing.

Phase 2: Release any toxins you have built up over the years that reside in your tissues.

Phase 3: Restore your optimal metabolism to achieve the maximum efficiency in processing the foods you eat.

After the 3 week, 3 phase program, you will have a better sense of your emotional, as well as, physical well being and improved mental clarity due to the lack of toxins in your body. The program will not always be easy, but nothing worth having is. Never forget that you have a strong support system, including me, to provide support when you are having a rough time sticking with the plan, or if you just have a bad day. We are here to ensure that you reach your desired health and fitness goals! Once you have completed all three phases of the program, you will experience a “transitioning phase,” during which you will have the guidance needed to get you back into the swing of things, eating healthier and staying healthy. You will have the benefit of receiving advice, when needed, on what foods to eat and developing the right exercise plan for you, teaching you to maintain the results you have just accomplished achieving. 




Ultimate Reset ScheduleThe Beachbody Ultimate Reset Plan is fully comprehensive and doesn’t require you to starve yourself to complete the program. It will give you an inner body tune-up that provides greater benefits than other typical detox plans you find on the internet. You will gently and naturally eliminate the toxins that have built up in your body over time, while maximizing cellular energy production and promoting more efficient and healthy digestion, making your bodes systems run more smoothly and leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll get a complete meal plan with this program.  21 Days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that you will prep and follow throughout the duration of the program.  There are several tools that we have available to our members that make shopping and prepping a lot easier and some tricks and tips to save time along the way. 

The first time I did this program, I found that the hardest thing for me to do was to get in a set schedule.  Between all the meals and supplements, I felt like I was always doing something on the hour every hour.  My best advice to you is to SET PHONE ALARMS for your food and supplements.  They were a huge life saver to us!




So many people ask me about the FOOD on this plan.  One thing that I loved the most is that you actually EAT on this cleanse.  It takes your from your normal (clean) eating habits in week 1 to a vegan diet by week 3.  Here are a few Ultimate Reset sample meals from the first time I did the program. 

RESETMEALSRESET MEALS ultimate reset meals


• Rid your organs of harmful toxins
• Improve your digestion
• Have more energy
• Experience a better overall mood and mental focus
• Sustainable weight loss (improving your BMI)
• Lower Cholesterol levels
• No more dependence on caffeinated drinks
• Better health, overall 

Ultimate Reset ResultsMany also experience weight loss as part of this program.  The first time I completed the program, I lost 8lbs  in the first two weeks.  Since weight loss was not my intention, I modified my 3rd week to slow the loss I was experiencing.  It is largely attributed to the release of waste and toxins from your body.  Most experience anywhere between 5-20lb losses as part of the program. 

But above all of this, I find that this particular challenge is the most rewarding because you conquer many things you “think” you couldn’t. It builds inner confidence and mental awareness when it comes to nutrition. Personally, it showed me that I CAN survive without sugar, without alcohol, without artificial ingredients or other non-wholesome foods that tend to creep their way in when emotions get out of whack and the urge to snack on things takes over. 

It’s about more than dropping a few pounds. That’s not WHY I commit to this program each year. This is about getting control of my nutrition, pulling the reigns on areas that I’ve indulged a bit more than normal, and giving my body the time to recuperate, restore, and reenergize itself from the INSIDE OUT! Our bodies DESERVE that much!


One of the #1 questions that I get about the Reset is whether or not you can workout still.  Based on the material you will receive, you can do 30 minutes of light activity each day.  This includes walking, yoga, pilates, or even our Tai Cheng program.  What I would recommend is to monitor how you feel while working out and adjust accordingly.  

Your body is naturally going through a lot with the detoxification process.  You will feel sore.  You will feel like you’ve worked out.  You may even feel achy at times.  That’s NORMAL.  As part of the process you are also trying stabilize and neutralize your alkalinity (pH levels).  Adding rigorous workout routines may promote aide build up countering the progress you have made with the actual cleanse.  

My advice, do this when you can take a break or aren’t training for a major upcoming race.  That way, you can be mindful of your body and make smart workout choices. 


So, are you ready to take the challenge?  I’m telling you this is something you will NOT regret.  Plus, if you do, Beachbody will guarantee everything and if you do it and hate it or don’t get the results you expect, you can return EVERYTHING within the first 30 days (meaning you can do the entire program), for your money back.   All of it!

You have 3 options when it comes to getting started with the Ultimate Reset. All 3 of the options provided will give you the five supplements needed, the Nutrition Guide and Ultimate Reset Program instructions. But the one that I recommend the most is the Challenge Pack.  This will include an entire 30 day supply of Shakeology which you WILL want while doing this plan.  It just gives you a nice break each day to enjoy your daily dose of superfood nutrition in a shake form.  Believe me, this is the one you will want.  You will only be able to get the Vegan formulas with the Reset but that’s ok, Vegan Chocolate is my FAVORITE so I would have recommended it anyway!  Once you have decided that this is the right program for you, simply click the links below to purchase your Ultimate Reset Package and you will become an automatic member of mine and I’ll be able to support you through the program!

Ultimate Reset

Please  CONTACT ME with any questions you may have regarding the program or any of the services offered.


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