Top 3 Meal Planning Tips

Top 3 Meal Planning Tips 

(Part 3 of 3)

We made it!  We have reached our last few tips in our Top 3 Meal Planning Tips series!  Today, we are talking all about MEAL PREPPING!  Oh man.  Just like meal planning, it takes times but it is SO WORTH IT in the end.  Having food prepped and ready for those “on the run” situations is essential to your success.  Otherwise, if the food isn’t ready for you, you are more than likely going to run out the door with nothing and either starve all day or end up picking up something quick and easy which sometimes leads to bad choices and in either case, takes you away from making progress toward your fitness and nutrition goals.  

Meal Prepping

I don’t know about you, but our mornings, afternoons, and why not throw evenings in too…. are RIDICULOUS busy!!!  Like all the time. Even when working from home, I’m still busy so ANYTHING that we can do to have food out of the way in advance, we will do to make life easier and smoother when we are together as a family. 

That means prepping our meals is a MUST in this household. So, we’re going to break down some of our top tips for you to make this as fast and as painless as possible. 

1. DO THE COOKING FIRST: Start with anything that can be cooked in advance and in bulk.  You can reheat throughout the week as needed. (ie. a batch of oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, meatballs, brown rice, quinoa, etc).  

2. WASH and PREPARE ALL PRODUCE: While your staple items are cooking, you can focus on washing all your produce. We like to peel all the stickers off of our fruits and veggies, hand wash them, and store them where needed. This works wonders when your kids come home and “are starving”. Just tell them to go grab an apple, plum, bag of carrots, celery, etc. It’s all washed and ready for their first bite. 

3. GRAB & GO: We like to store everything in grab and go fashion. The less work we have to do in the moment, the happier we ALL are. It keeps sticking to your plan really easy and helps when your kids just want a quick, healthy snack. They can just grab what is prepared without the fuss of cleaning, prepping, and portioning 5 minutes before needing to walk out the door for soccer practice or dance class! Helloooooo convenience!

We hope this week’s series of tips has helped you feel more comfortable and confident with planning and prepping your meals each week.  Keep an open mind about the process.  It WILL take time to get used to the routine but over time, it will just become a habit, a really healthy habit that will help you reach your goals!

~ Leslie & Tommie Davis

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