Top 3 Meal Planning Tips


(Part 2 of 3)

Looks like our first meal planning tip was a hit!  Hopefully, you have downloaded our *FREE* meal planning template and are excited to put it to good use soon! Honestly, planning is the HARDEST part of the equation.  It takes time, it takes energy, and it requires attention to detail but, what we can promise you is that over time it gets EASIER.  The first couple times are inevitably going to be frustrating and take you longer to plan the meal than to actually make it but trust us, you will get better and faster as each week passes.  So what is in store for you today?!?!

Meal Planning Tips

Part 2: Go Shopping and DO NOT stray from your plan!

1. STICK TO WHAT YOU NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT: One of the BIGGEST traps when executing your plan is straying from your list while shopping at the grocery store. Most stores are going to set you up for failure by putting delicious treats up in the front, processed foods packed in every aisle, and candy at the checkout so it can stare you down while you are waiting for the cashier to hurry up! Go in knowing exactly what you need, and leaving with JUST THAT is your primary goal! It’s too easy to be derailed throughout the week when you have food in the house that is NOT aligned with your goals.  So why even bring it in the house? 

2. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX:  Did you know that the path you follow in the grocery store will greatly impact your ability to stay on track with your on your nutrition goals?  It sure does!  Rule of thumb, NEVER go inside the box unless you have to.  Stick to the edges of the store and you’ll stick to your healthy eating plan! 95% of all processed foods are located IN the aisles and 9 out of 10 times, you don’t need anything in there so stick to your perimeter and you’ll be golden!

3. DON’T GO SHOPPING IF YOU ARE HUNGRY!  This needs no explanation.  Just don’t do it. 

Tune in on Friday to get the last of this 3 part series!  Together, you will be more confident in your ability to plan and prepare for the week ahead! 

~ Leslie & Tommie Davis

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