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It’s HERE!!!!  The *brand* new P90 fitness program by Tony Horton (mastermind trainer of P90X, X2, and X3) has been released and I want to share everything I know with you in this P90 Review!  We got a sneak peek of it while attending our Annual Coach Summit in Vegas back in June and I just picked up my brand new copy here in Scottsdale, AZ where we are attending this year’s Annual Leadership Retreat!  




Yes!  I would like to purchase P90!



P90 Workout


You’re probably thinking (as was I)…  “what’s the difference between this and P90X?”  Well, many felt “X” was too extreme for their current fitness level.  If you haven’t worked out in a few years, or are just looking to maintain what you’ve already achieved with other programs, then P90 is going to be your answer.  Tony Horton created theses workouts to be shorter, simpler, and less extreme but just as effective as his past P90X workouts!


P90 Workout EquipmentThis fitness program is a 90 day program with workouts varying from 25-45 minutes long.  Like traditional P90X format, Tony focuses on cross training through cardio conditioning and weight lifting/resistance band routines.  His techniques for redefining, shaping, and sculpting your body from head to toe is seen throughout this program.  His training style (and don’t forget his charming personality) is also included!  LOL. 

As far as equipment is concerned, you will need hand weights and/or resistance bands.  A single resistance band is included with your program.  As with previous workouts, much of the routine just uses your body. 


There are 2 programs you can choose to follow with this program.  Both are 90 days long but “SWEAT” will focus more on Cardio Conditioning (hence the word sweat) and “SCULPT” will focus more on Resistance-Based Training.   Both require you to workout 6 days a week with your rest day being Sunday. 

P90 Workout Calendar Sweat P90 Workout Calendar Sculpt








P90 6 Day ShredI love what they did with this nutrition plan.  Why?  Because they kept is SIMPLE and you know I’m ALL ABOUT SIMPLE things.  First, your program will come with a P90 6 Day Shred plan.  This plan should be used to jump start your nutrition and results the first week you start the program.  Your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are laid out for you and all you need to do is follow the Shred plan for 6 days.  Day 1 has its own plan, Days 2 & 3 are the same meal plan, and Days 4, 5 and 6 are the same meal plan.  They gradually decrease in overall calories so you will see a spike in your results toward the end of the 6th day. 

P90 Simple Kitchen Meal PlanIn addition to the 6 Day Shred plan, you also receive a P90 Simple Kitchen meal guide where you will calculate your caloric needs and determine your meal plan for the duration of the program.  There are sample recipes with nutritional breakdowns provided, all of which look REALLY good.  I suspect it may get a little boring using the exact same recipes for the entire program but if you want to keep things simple, and you want to stay on track, this is the way to go.  There are about 5 recipes per meal and a couple pages of snack ideas.   


P90 Test Group Before and Afters have started to leak and you can expect dramatic and visible results with this program.  Anytime you mix cardiovascular activity with strength and stability workouts, you know you are in for something great!  You’ll be working your entire body to burn fat, sculpt your muscles and get the physique that you desire. Participants in the test group lost 20, 30 and even 47 lbs in the 90 days. So, anything is possible when you follow the plan from start to finish!

Yes!  I would like to purchase P90!


4 Responses to Tony Hortons P90 Review

  1. can we do sweat in the morning and sculpt in the evening? Is it recommended to double up this way? I just finished the 21 day fix and don’t want to lose everything I have gained in strength so far.

  2. Do I need a door anchor for the resistance band and is it possible to sub dumbells for the resistance band?
    Which Workout Calender would you prefer if I want to lose body fat and sculpt the muscles?

    • Yes. You can definitely use dumbbells or resistance bands. Most of the moves can go either way and they’ll show you alternatives to each move. I would suggest Sculpt if you are looking to define, build more mass, and cut body fat. Both are pretty close but Sweat has you doing 1 more cardio routine and Sculpt has you doing one more strength routine each week.

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