You know you are addicted to fitness when you can’t even wait more than 2 hours to break the seal of a new workout program!   We have 2 days left of the Beta phase and decided to keep going to finish this bad boy off in style….. with the last and final phase known as GAMMA.  You would have thought it was Christmas Day when the package arrived.  I opened it up and *patiently* waited for my husband to return from work so we could preview it for all our fans.  

We decided to do Speed 3.0 since we were VERY familiar with Speed 1.0 and 2.0 already.  The first Round basically mixed moves from both 1.0 and 2.0.  It was familiar and therefore we picked it up pretty easily.  Then we moved on to Round 2 where things got a little hectic.  The speed definitely increased and was much more challenging because Shaun T threw in a handful of BURPEE rotations.  I found it somewhat difficult to keep up with the increased speed and the addition of those suckers!  It was definitely a GREAT workout and if you go at your own pace and think about your FORM the entire time, you will be a bucket of sweat by the end.  

Another great addition to the collection of Shaun T DVDs!   Here is a sneak peek of the final round where he puts all the moves together.  I stumble a few times but all in all, it was a VERY good workout (and only 25 minutes)!