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Personal Development> > I suck at reading! Seriously. It’s always been a struggle for me! I know its a great way to strengthen your mind but seriously… its tough for me.  I could cram from here to Japan for HS or College exams but the next day it would be gone, POOF! Just like that. 

I’m not a strong reader and it frustrates me. It takes me a long time, I read and have to reread the same pages, and most of the time I can’t even tell you who the author was or what the book was about though I probably read it like a week ago. I literally have 10 books sitting in front of me that have all been PARTIALLY read. I haven’t completed an entire book in over 2 months. (Gasp… I know. Hence my confession!)

But here is the thing, I’m committing today to get through these books ONE AT A TIME and telling all of you so I’m held accountable. I KNOW our mind, like any other bodypart must be trained to get stronger, bigger and more powerful.

Just like we train our legs to run 26.2 miles, our biceps to curl 25+ lbs, our abs to crunch 100 times etc, we MUST do the same for the different faculties of the mind… our willpower and determination, our beliefs and ability to push ourselves, our confidence, integrity, and intelligence, and the ability to be consistent! Personal development isn’t just a benefit to you, its a benefit to all of those you help each day too!

So, here’s to doing those things that make you uncomfortable because well… that’s where the magic happens!! I’m putting away my audio books until I get through this entire stack. Mark my words (please.. because I need the accountability), I’m going to make this happen! 

If you are looking for a list of recommended personal development books for Beachbody Coaching… LOOK NO FURTHER!  I’ve compiled a list of many of the books I’ve listened to and/or are sitting in my office to be read HERE!

Happy Reading everyone!

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