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CIZE WORKOUT DANCEGet all the information and details you need about the *NEW* Shaun T Cize Workout right here!  It is finally HERE and it is going to be CRAZY!!!!  If you know Shaun T, you know he brings a good dose of passion and motivation to his workouts and they are never lacking ENERGY!  This new program makes the “non-dancers” dance!  Shaun T doesn’t believe in the words “I Can’t” and certainly not ending it with DANCE.  He shows you step by step how you can make exercise FUN by incorporating dance moves that leave you dripping in sweat and with a smile on your face.  He is teaches you choreography so you can have FUN working out and getting in shape while doing so!

 Shaun T Cize Workout Overview

“CIZE” is the “end of exercise!” In each routine, Shaun breaks down the moves step-by-step and builds them into a full dance routine. So even if you don’t know how to dance, you can learn all the moves. While you are learning to master the dance moves, you’ll also be burning calories and working up a sweat! This workout is for EVERY fitness level. There is no equipment required. If you like fitness classes like Zumba, you will love this workout. 

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It really is something that anyone can do.  And don’t worry if you feel like you can’t dance because he TEACHES you how to dance and how to have fun doing it!

Shaun T Cize Workout Sneak Peek Video


Shaun T Cize Workout Details

The Cize Shaun T program will be launched on DVD in July 20th, 2015 at the Annual Beachbody Coach Summit! Make sure to sign-up to get all of the details and be the FIRST to know when it’s launched in July.

> How long are the workouts?

The workouts range from 35 – 40 minutes in length. You wont even realize that you are working out because you’ll be learning dance moves and having fun while grooving to the beat.

> How long is the program?

4 weeks

> What kind of music is in Cize?

Cize is choreographed to the latest pop music that Shaun T has hand picked and selected to keep your body moving!



> How is Cize different than Hip Hop Abs or Rockin Body?

Cize will be different than Shaun T’s previous dance workouts like Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body. The music and moves are all brand new and have all been updated to be more current with today’s style. Cize is all about the music!!   In addition, Hip Hop Abs was not really focused on teaching you choreography.  Shaun T is really focusing on showing you move to move, piecing it all together into a great routine for anyone to do!  

> Will Cize be available on Beachbody on Demand?

No, Cize will not be released on Beachbody on Demand.  However, for those that purchase the workout and are also a premium Club member, it will be available in your Beachbody on Demand “Purchased Programs” library.

> How much will it cost?

The base DVD set for CIZE costs $60 but the CIZE Challenge Pack is available for only $140 which includes EVERYTHING you need to nail this program!  

> What is included in the CIZE Challenge Pack?

  • 3 DVDs that have 6 dance routines to help you learn how to dance while getting you in incredible shape!
  • A “Get Started Guide” that tells you everything you need to know to get started right, how to accurately track your body transformation, earn FREE CIZE socks, and what to do to get your best results.
  • EAT UP! You’ll get a guide with a simple-to-follow meal plan that lets you eat the foods you like in the proper portions to help you achieve maximum health, energy, and weight loss.
  • A weekend Survival Guide that gives you the tools to stay on track, even when you’re eating out! Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of a night out on the town, so you can go out and have fun without sabotaging your results!
  • Beginner Calendar to rate your dance skills and track your progress!
  • Advanced Calendar that shows you which dance workout to do each day to lose weight and get your sexy dancer’s body faster!
  • Plus 1 FREE bonus workout:>  8 Count Abs: Strong abs and core are at the heart of every great dancer! Work your abs on the floor, then end the 8 minutes Cizing It Up with an incredible ab sequence. 
  • EXCLUSIVE! Order through me and get a FREE bonus workout…> HOLD YOUR OWN! Want to impress your friends at a wedding, party, or just your next night out? With Hold Your Own, we teach you a few go-to moves that’ll make their jaws drop!
  • SHAKEOLOGY:  A 30 Day Supply (Bulk Bag – One Flavor) and 24 Single Packs (Mix & Match  Flavors) of your choice of Shakeology.  
    • Vegan Chocolate (My Personal Favorite!)
    • Vegan Tropical Strawberry (Tommie’s Personal Favorite!)
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Vanilla
    • Greenberry

> Will you run a TEST GROUP for Cize?

ABSOLUTELY!!  We are running a test group starting in August and will run groups on going as needed! Being a participant in the challenge test group means you’ll get me as your personal coach, you’ll have access to recipes, meal plans and daily accountability which will help you get MAXIMUM results! 

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