Shakeology vs Herbalife

Comparison of Shakeology vs Herbalife

You may have heard of both the Shakeology and Herbalife brand of healthy meal replacement shakes, but do you know which brand wins out in the Shakeology vs Herbalife comparisons?

With the question of which is better, Shakeology vs Herbalife, you will get different answers from different sources. However, until you have tried them both and compared the actual ingredients, it is very difficult to give an accurate opinion of which is the healthiest, overall.

Let’s take a look at both of them!

The Shakeology vs Herbalife Battle

While Herbalife may be a more well known name in nutrition, Shakeology has higher nutrient density than Herbalife shakes. In the Shakeology vs Herbalife battle, Shakeology wins out in sheer overall nutrient content.

Shakeology meal replacement shakes contain over 70 whole food ingredients per serving, something that you do not get with the Herbalife brand. When you compare the protein content of Shakeology vs Herbalife shakes, Shakeology wins out, yet again, having higher amounts of protein 17 g in Shakeology shakes vs 9 g in the Herbalife brand, as well as amino acids, a vital part of your bodies post-workout recovery.

Due to the phytonutrients in the Shakeology brand, your body quickly and effectively absorbs all of the vitamins and nutrients you consume through the shakes, giving the Shakeology brand another win in the Shakeology vs Herbalife battle.

While both of these brands of meal replacement shakes are great aids in the quest for healthy, sustainable weight loss, the high level of nutrients and vitamins in Shakeology shakes makes Shakeology a great way to continue getting your needed levels of nutritional values, even after you have met your weight loss goals.

I’m sure you know where my vote lies… SHAKEOLOGY!

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