Shakeology vs Body by Vi

Shakeology vs Body by Vi

The battle of the meal replacement shakes is constant in the health food industry, so today we will compare the Shakeology vs Body by Vi meal replacement plans.

Spending 30 days on the Shakeology meal replacement diet is a great way to achieve sustainable weight loss without the terrible run down feeling that most meal replacement shakes give you. Here we will make a comparison of Shakeology vs Body by Vi Shake mixes, in an effort to determine which is the healthiest and the safest for your body.

The Shakeology vs Body by Vi Comparison

When you break it down and look at the labels and ingredients of each of these products, we find that in the Shakeology vs Body by Vi comparison, the Shakeology brand has more calories, however, your body needs those calories to sustain life and give you energy to complete your every day tasks. On the topic of caloric value, Shakeology wins this round of Shakeology vs Body by Vi.

While both meal replacement brands contain protein, Shakeology contains whey protein, which breaks down and is easily absorbed by the body and helps to optimize the absorption and utilization of all the nutrients and vitamins you get with the Shakeology brand. Body by Vi, on the other hand, uses soy protein.

Around 93% of soy protein is genetically modified and contains natural toxins that, in effect, counteract the nutritious properties you are trying to get. Once again, Shakeology wins the Shakeology vs Body by Vi battle.

To continue on with the Shakeology vs Body by Vi battle, lets take a look at the sugar content of each brand. While Shakeology has 6 grams of sugar, Body by Vi only has one, but this can be deceiving. The Body by Vi brand makes up for the lack of sugar by using Sucralose, a harmful chemical sweetener known to cause terrible side effects in some people.

Shakeology wins, hands down in every area of the Shakeology vs Body by Vi comparison, providing you with better protein and more sustainable energy to get you through to your next meal.

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