Shakeology Ingredients

The Many Benefits of Shakeology Ingredients

Some of the healthiest green foods, antioxidants, nutrients and amino acids go into the Shakeology ingredients, making Shakeology the very best choice for a healthy supplement. Protein and amino acids help in the post workout recovery, as well as promote better brain function and improved moods and an enhanced feeling of mental clarity.

There are so many beneficial Shakeology ingredients, you can’t go wrong with any of the variety of flavors and choices. Shakeology offers a shake for every taste while the nutritional ingredients provide you with all of the healthiest nutrients you need to promote the best diet for you.

What Exactly are the Shakeology Ingredients and Their Benefits?

The creators of the Shakeology brand have worked to create a mixture of the very best Shakeology ingredients, in order to provide you with the most nutritional shake option on the market. Besides the protein and amino acids, Shakeology ingredients include a mixture of antioxidant rich super foods, such as Acai Berry, Maca Root, Pomegranate and grape seed extract. The presence of antioxidants promotes the elimination of free radicals in the body, actually lowering your risk of cancer and other diseases.

Also included in the Shakeology ingredients are phytonutrients, or green super foods, such as holy basil leaf, Suma root and Ashwagandha. These phytonutrients are all derived from green plants and aid in the reduction of stress, improving the bodies immune system and promoting a better mood. Prebiotics, such as Pea fiber and bacon root aid in the stimulation of good bacteria, promoting better intestinal health.

Another one of the beneficial Shakeology ingredients is the inclusion of natural digestive enzymes. Amylase, bromelain, cellulose and papain, lactase (removed from the Vegan flavors) and protease help your body to better digest all of the foods that you eat. The bromelain, which is an enzyme extracted from pineapple, is one of the Shakeology ingredients that has the added benefit of better healing and recovery of injury, as well as reducing bruising and swelling in users.

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