Shakeology Challenge

photo-13So, it looks like we have ourselves a new SUMMER SLIMDOWN Shakeology challenge forming based on the poll results from my Facebook page on Monday!! I’m really excited to get a group of us together and look forward to crushing 30 solid days with all of you. Let me break down the details now that I know we have a lot of people interested! 

<< FIRST >> Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day! It’s packed with over 70 superfoods, it’s all natural and has all the vitamins and nutrients you need! You can drink it with just almond milk or even water, but you can add other things to it if you wish too. You can shake it, or you can blend it. It’s SO. MUCH. MORE. then just a protein shake, and this will be the foundation of this challenge! We will be replacing one meal a day with Shakeology. WHY? Because it is dense nutrition, it will increase your energy, it will curb those ridiculous cravings we all get from time to time, and it will increase your fitness results. Plain and simple… its just GOOD for your body!

<< SECOND >> I will provide you with my nutrition guides, materials, templates, and meal planning tools to incorporate a clean diet as much as possible. I’m not trying to push anyone over the edge but will do our best when it comes to eating clean  WHY? Because eating clean will help you achieve your fitness results MUCH quicker and we all know that a great body is created in the KITCHEN!!! I’m giving you all my tips and tricks to get you the results you want!

<< FINALLY >> You know I’m a big believer in daily exercise so we will aim to get in at least 30 minutes a day. It can be anything you want. Walking, running, swimming, playing catch, mowing the grass… whatever. We just want the heart pumping and the body moving 

**** BUT, here is the best part… with your purchase of Shakeology, you will be getting an ENTIRE fitness program for *FREE* . And this isn’t just any fitness program, this is a high-intensity cardio conditioning, upbeat, make your body sweat, and your feet move program called TurboFire. I like to think of it as a kickboxing, free style, zumba like program. It is a lot of fun and it has workouts that range from 10-55 minutes so there is a fit for everyone  ****

So, if you are interested, send me a message, email me at, or comment below to let me know and we will get you set up!

>> This is going to fill up fast, so don’t wait!!!

– Leslie

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