Reality is setting in. I know this will be the hardest part of my pregnancy journey. As much as I give advice to other moms about giving themselves grace and being kind to their bodies pre, during, or post pregnacy, I SHOULD know better but here I am shocked and slightly sad to see the softening of my body occur so quickly at merely 9 weeks pregnant.

It’s taken me 5 years to build a body that I truly love inside and out. And I know that I need to remind myself that I’m growing a baby but that doesn’t make the disappearance of that hard work any easier to swallow. It’s just something I need to GROW through.

My focus remains the same:

> Eat clean
> Exercise daily
> Drink my Shakeology
>Read personal development

And with that, I am adding:
> Grow a healthy baby
> Be kind to my changing body in the process

I will get there. May need some support along the way, but that’s what I have this amazing community for.

Fit Pregnancy
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