The #1 excuse for not working out is…..

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So, how much time is actually need to get a good workout in?

I will answer that, but first let’s talk about this “TIME” constraint we put on ourselves. I get it.  We all live BUSY lives but that shouldn’t be the reason you don’t make your health a priority.  I admit it, I used to have this exact same excuse until one day I realized that I wasn’t doing anyone in our family any good, including myself, if I wasn’t taking care of MYSELF.

And no.  Working out is not selfish.  By working out, you’re improving your overall health, you’re increasing your energy, you’re helping your body function better, and you’re likely to become a more positive person all around!

It’s seeing how happy healthy people are that often triggers us to create New Year’s fitness resolutions for ourselves, right?  And if you’ve stuck to those resolutions, AWESOME JOB!  That is not an easy thing to do especially during the dreadful winter months (dreadful for me anyway!).

But if you haven’t, that’s ok.  You can recommit to yourself right now to jump back in.  We are are moving into our Spring season and it’s a great time to revisit your priorities and MAKE the time to give back to your health!  It’s when everything around us starts to transform and we start wanting to feel and look our best.

So, how much time does it take?  Well, that depends.  We used to believe you needed at least an hour a day to really get a solid workout in but that’s back when we didn’t know better, when we would randomly pick up weights in our gym, when we would take lengthy breaks for water (or air!), and we would piddle around on our treadmill or eliptical.  Then, we started doing our in-home workouts and realized with the RIGHT tools and training, we could get a really effective workout in in 30 minutes!  That’s when we started to REALLY love working out!  We could do less for a lot MORE because we were getting step-by-step instruction from our trainers.  We didn’t care that it was coming through the TV and in the comfort of our own home either.  In fact, that made it even better for us!

If you are committed to your health and fitness, TIME will NOT be a factor because you WILL find a way to get your workouts in and in March, we will be starting up a NEW Spring Challenge group to help everyone get started!  What we LOVE about this group already is that we are doing something *brand new* which we’ve never done before and it’s going to incorporate both in-home workouts and getting outside for fresh air!   And if you have a significant other or children, you’ll be able to include them in the outdoor time too!


  • Get TWO One-on-One Phone Calls with us for working through where you are stuck and moving forward with your goals.
  • Exercise 22 minutes a day with an at-home fitness program. Yep, only 22 minutes. You can do that.
  • Get outside as much as you can. Take a walk, get on the bike, go to the kid park or dog park, play some soccer, shoot some hoops. WHATEVER you want!  Just enjoy a breath of fresh air!
  • Clean up your nutrition. Start phasing out the junk and bringing in the healthy and fresh foods.
  • Energize your body – Give your body the dense nutrition that it needs each day to run at it’s best. I’m talking about amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Everything your body needs!

If you are interested in joining our SPRING CHALLENGE, please submit this short questionnaire so we can chat!