How to Prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme

So, you’ve purchased the 21 Day Fix Extreme and you are probably sitting back wondering how to prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme?  Right?  Well, hopefully I can give you some tips and tricks in this post to get you started and prepared!

Whether you’ve decided to do the Extreme Meal Plan or the Countdown to Competition Meal Plan, one thing is for sure, MEAL PREPPING is going to be critical to your success!  The next thing that is critical?  KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE!  

How to Prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme: CHOOSE YOUR PLAN

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose the nutrition plan that you will follow for the next 21 Days.  Check out my post on the Competition Plan and see if it is a good fit for you.  If it is, great! If not, that is ok.  Completing the Extreme plan is still going to get you Extreme results, especially if your diet needs that extra fine tuning.  You’ll be surprise what just the slightest adjustments in your eating regimen will do for your body. 

How to Prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme: CREATE A TEMPLATE

Now, after you have chosen your meal plan option, you should create a planning technique or template that allows you plan out your meals for the week. A template that allows you to see your your allotment of containers will be helpful.  This is a sample template that we share with all of our members. 

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan Template

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How to Prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme: CHOOSE YOUR MEALS

So, now that you have your plan option chosen, and a great template to start writing our your week’s worth of food, now its time to choose your meals.  The best advice we can give is to keep it SIMPLE.  The first week is by far the hardest week you will have while doing this program because of the adjustments you will be making not only with your food choices but with your eating schedule. So making it simple to follow is KEY!  That means keeping your choices minimal and prepping in bulk. Don’t over think or over plan your food.  Think of your food as fuel not comfort.  One of the biggest tips I’ve learned in the fitness world is that those that are fit just find what works and repeats it.  So, if you eat the same 3 breakfasts in a row, go for it.  If you eat the same salad all 5 days, even better!  If you can prep and cook chicken, brown turkey meat, shrimp, and boiled eggs as your protein source for the week, DO IT!  All of those are great tips for keeping it simple and manageable.  Here is what a few days of prepping looks like in our house!

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Prepping

Notice the repetitive nature of some of the ingredients?  See similar proteins? Veggies? and Carbs?  THAT is how you execute the 21 Day Fix Extreme meals to get the results you want!  

Finally, if you rocked the socks off of your first week, REPEAT it for Week 2 and 3!  Once you familiarize yourself with the plan options and you start hitting a groove with prepping and executing your plans, then you can start to add more variety and introduce new meals into your line-up.  BUT, until then, keep things SIMPLE!

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack

~ Leslie

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  1. Wow what great info, I’m overwhelmed by 21 days of meal planning but planning one week and repeating it twice is brilliant! So simple and yet I never thought to do it. Templates are great for visual people as well. This is inspirational, thank you!!!

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