Now that I’m moving into my 2nd week of my fitness program and am in my 2nd trimester, I’ve started to make adjustments and modifications throughout my workout to make sure I keep me and the baby safe at all times.

I thought I would share a few tips that I’ve picked up through my reading and studying that may help you too because one of the best things you can do foryour health – and your baby’s health – is to STAY ACTIVE (of course, to what extent is up to you and your doctor and should be discussed with them regularly).

> WARM UP and COOL DOWN. Always begin and end your workout with a 5-min warm up and cool down such as walking, shoulder, neck, arm, and ankle rolls, stretching and if you are doing one of our fitness programs, do NOT skip these important segments.

> ENGAGE YOUR CORE. Remember to keep your abs contracted, navel pulled toward your spine, and your tailbone pointing down. This is important as your belly grows. Having your core engaged protects your back and can reduce the chance of injury.

> CREATE A SOLID BASE. Most of the standing exercises should be done with your feet wider than your hip-width apart so you have a nice stable base to work from.

> SLOW DOWN. This is not a race. It’s ok to modify. It’s ok to go slower. It’s ok to skip a move that is not comfortable. The most important thing to do is keep you and the baby safe so if something doesn’t feel right, stop and see if there is another move you can do that doesn’t put unwanted stress on your body. There is no need to be a superhero right now.

> BREATH. Inhale through your nose before you go into a move and exhale as you execute the move. Do not hold your breath.

> WEIGHTS. Do not grip the weights to tightly as it can cause your blood pressure to rise and some even suggest reducing your weight by at least 50%.

And remember, you are AMAZING! You are doing the best you can with what you have and making adjustments and modifying as needed is nothing you should be ashamed of. It’s SMART and will keep you and your baby SAFE. That is all that matters. Give yourself grace and keep it up!!!

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