Alright!  In this post, I will provide you with where I stand on the P90X3 Workout and give you some insight into my member’s progress so far! Personally speaking, I’m getting the hang of this routine and am really seeing a difference in my upper body strength. We are almost half-way through the entire program and I can’t believe how far we have come!  Check out some of these testamonials so far:

“Woot Woot!!!  Down -18lbs!!!  I can’t wait to take photos!”

 “YES!  Slid into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear in over a year!  Thank you Shakeology & P90X3!”

 “I can’t wait to take my measurements on Sunday.  Every single day at work this week a different person commented on how much more trim I look this week! P90X3 is working!”

 “Kicked some butt with The Warrior today!  I think that is my favorite workout.  I just feel so empowered during and after.  Love it!”

 “I have a few pair of jeans that are TOO BIG!  Great feeling.”

I can’t make these things up.  These members of this Test Group are CRUSHING their goals.  They show up everyday and make things happen.  I’m so proud of this group!

Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in knowing more about P90X3 and the results that YOU can achieve!