And here we go!  We moved out of the transition week and into a BRAND NEW routine!   In this post, I will provide you with my assessment on the P90X3 Workout and give you a review of Week 5. I was so excited to start some new workout routines so I will chat about those first.  Week 5 brought us:

Eccentric Upper & Lower: These routines help you focus on “negative” training.   Tony created this to increase the time your muscles have under tension.  You’ll slow down the eccentric (negative) half of each move until it burns and then you’ll snap back and repeat.  Focusing on these types of movements will have you begging for a break!   We do this for both the upper muscle groups and lower ones but on different days.  

Triometrics:  Now THIS is one routine I could see me doing for quite some time.  It uses 3 different difficulty levels for each exercise all of which are targeting different areas.  It’s a pretty powerful routine and it will have your legs BURNING in less than 5 minutes of starting!  No, I’m not kidding. 

X3 Yoga:  Again, I’m LOVING the yoga routines!  When your are sore from back to back routines like Eccentric Upper and Triometrics, Yoga does the body good!  I can feel my flexibility, balance, and stamina improving every time I do this workout. Plus it’s great to pair this with a running day!  

Incinerator:  Now I see how this program is working.  It’s built to WEAR YOU OUT!  Incinerator was designed to make you BURN quickly.  I’m pretty sure my arms felt like falling off the morning after doing this routine.  The goal is to get to muscle failure because without that, you aren’t making progress.  This gets you there if you are doing it right and pushing yourself every step of the way!

MMX:  I feel like I’m repeating myself because between CVX, the Challenge, Triometrics, Incinerator and now MMX… they all seem to be my favorite! MMX is a mixed martial arts routine that’s a little of everything… karate, keno, jig-jitsu, tae kwon do, and more!  It definitely had my heart PUMPING by the end.   It quite literally worked every single part of my body!  I LOVED IT!

Dynamix/Rest:  My rest days are usually my run days so I don’t typically do Dynamix but I thought I would add it in and I love it still.  It’s a great routine to do especially after a long run when you need to stretch out those muscles.  HIGHLY recommend it!

Alright, so that was the line up of exercises…. now on to my progress.  I’m down the 4 lbs I gained over the course of the first 4 weeks.  It is important that I mention this because so many of us struggle with focusing on that darn number.  I started to do it myself.  Instead, trust the process.  After a little more research, I wanted to discuss what was happening because some of you might be experiencing it to.  When we start new routines, our muscles get confused and fluids rush to the fibers and joints that were beat down and you often retain that WHICH equates to weight gain.  I was feeling awesome and really didn’t feel any different. Once my body realized what I was putting it through it started to adapt and adjust which is why the weight decreased.  

The point of this is to help everyone realize that they should just TRUST the process. Put the scale away because it does NOT define you.  You are on an incredible journey and if you have weight loss goals, remember that it isn’t a linear journey.  There will be bumps and wiggles and peaks and valleys along the way but if you remain consistent and stay focused on your goals… YOU WILL ACHIEVE SUCCESS! 

Time to take Week 6 down…