Alright!  So WEEK 2 is a WRAP!   In this post, I will provide you with my assessment on the P90X3 Workout and give you a review of Week 2.  The first three weeks are exactly the same routines in Block 1 of P90X3.  That said, I knew what to expect this week and I think I pushed myself harder than the first week because I was much more familiar with the moves.  I’m really LOVING this program and can FEEL a big difference in my strength and balance already.  I know, you’re probably thinking “yeah right… after 2 weeks”… YES!  After two weeks, I can feel a bigger difference and those in my Exclusive Test Group have reported the same things.  It’s amazing what a little strength training can do for you. 

DAY 8:  TOTAL SYNERGISTICS – As I mentioned before, this routing works your body for top to bottom.  I’m left feeling really worked out, especially in my upper body.  If there was doubt before about whether this program would be effective, I’m pretty sure there is NO doubt now.  

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DAY 9: AGILITY X – I can tell this routine is going to help my speed as a runner.  Tony keeps you on your tows moving left, right, up, down, back, and forth, and ALL OVER.  You need to watch your ankles though.  I’m noticing as I get more familiar with the routine that I’m speeding up and with quick agility movement like these, it’s important that you watch your ankles and land properly.  

DAY 10: X3 YOGA – Ahhhhhhhh. A yoga routine that I LOVE.  I said this last week but one big complaint that I had with P90X and P90X2 was the length of the routines. The one that got to me the most and was often skipped during P90X and P90X2 was Yoga X! It was just so long and boring. P90X3 is ONLY 30 minutes and they really did a great job sequencing the moves and keeping you engaged.  I LOVE this one and it’s placed perfectly in the middle of the week.  Just when you need it!

DAY 11: THE CHALLENGE – I’m telling you, if you don’t leave this routine with your arms feeling like complete jello than you are NOT working hard enough.  Going from push-up to pull-up and back again for 30 minutes is BRUTAL but I LOVE it!  My chest and upper body is so sore after this and I am confident that I will come away from this program A LOT stronger and with some serious muscle definition.  My strength is already improving and I’m staying on the pull-up bar much longer than week 1.  If that is happening now, I can’t imagine what week 13 will be like!

DAY 12: CVX –  This is one routine that I like a lot.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a big cardio fan but I like the combination of cardio with weights.  I used an 8lb weight the entire time and my body felt it come Friday morning.  It’s so important to push yourself as hard as you can through these exercises.  Right up to the point of muscle fatigue because that’s when the results will start to kick in!  I challenge you next week to up it 1-2 lbs.  You can do it!

DAY 13: THE WARRIOR – The warrior is just that… the warrior!  You can tell this was designed to work your entire body.   There is a Super Burpee (as if the regular ones weren’t enough) that will have you gasping for air.  This routines holds NOTHING back and you will really feel 

DAY 14: REST OR DYNAMIX – Sunday’s are my long run days so doing that and mixing in Dynamix is perfect.  Dynamix is a really nice stretching routine.  So, if you’re feeling extra stiff and sore, push play on this one and stretch it out.  You’ll feel so much better afterwards and it really is a nice way to wrap up your week. it the next morning.  Keep your form and focus on getting through each series of moves. 

Now, on to nutrition.  I had a solid week in that department.  After the not so great start with the meal planning system from the P90X3 guide in Week 1, I felt much better sticking to my normal eating routine.  Make sure you are focusing on eating wholesome, all natural foods.  Those are the best for your body and will really help you get the results that you want from this program. 

The Test Group and I are moving on to Week 3!!  We are getting nothing but GREAT response to this program and we are excited about Week 3!  Stay tuned for more about my journey and to learn more about this program.  If you are looking for support and accountability and don’t have a Beachbody Coach, then CONTACT ME to get daily support and to stay ACCOUNTABLE to your goals!