P90X3 Workout & Week 1 Update

Day1 In this post, I will provide you with my assessment on the P90X3 Workout and give you a review of Week 1.  Like with any new fitness program, Week 1 is always full of ENERGY.  You wake up like it is the first day of school, you run down at ungodly hours to crush your workout and you’re are on Cloud 9 because you MADE IT!  You just crushed your first week…. BUT, the true test will be if can you keep that momentum up for the next 90 days?!

The workouts in week 1 were solid. I was sore every day and could really tell it was a full body workout. I could feel muscles that I haven’t really noticed before. Unlike previous P90X programs, most of the workouts in P90X3 really focus on working your entire body through various exercises. There is no doubt that Tony Horton knows what he is doing when it comes to strength training. There is NOTHING like this.




So what does Week 1 consists of:

Well, first you have to get through the FIT TEST.  That in of itself is a workout.  It took me back to childhood PE fitness tests with vertical jumps, v-sit stretches, pushups, pull-ups, and wall sits.  I won’t lie… there was a little competition between my husband and I and that’s exactly what I needed.  Having a partner in crime really helps me push harder and faster each day.  Accountability is KEY and he certainly knows how to push me to my limits just when I think I CAN NOT DO ONE MORE FREAKIN’ PUSHUP! 

DAY 1:  TOTAL SYNERGISTICS – This was a nice introduction to what this program is going to be all about.  It works your body from head to toe and you are feeling good afterwards.  I found that most challengers after this first workout say, “Am I really burning calories because I’m not sweating very much!”  This certainly isn’t like doing Insanity, T25, or TurboFire.  That I know for certain! What I always say is you can’t underestimate the power of a real strength training routine.  Your MUSCLES are being worked.  By the next morning we were all chiming in about how SORE we were and how we can’t walk up and down the stairs.  HA!

DAY 2: AGILITY X – Then we moved into Agility X and now we have some cardio!  This one had you moving.  Left, Right, Up, Back… repeated and repeated again.  You needed Tape for this routine so for those that don’t have it, roll up some towels or get some coins.  They will be used to guide your jumps or lunges.  Yes!  Prepare to lunge!

DAY 3: X3 YOGA – Ahhhhhhhh. A yoga routine that I can handle. One big complaint that I had with P90X and P90X2 was the length of the routines. The one that got to me the most and was often skipped during P90X and P90X2 was Yoga X! It was just so long and boring. I have since  learned to love yoga and now realize just how useful it is. P90X3 Yoga is great!  Having this in a compact 30 minute routine was PERFECTION! Seriously. I actually look forward to doing it again.

DAY 4: THE CHALLENGE – Ok.  By this point I was feeling great and then I entered the CHALLENGE.  This bad boy is nothing but pushups and pull-ups and for a woman, that can be REALLY discouraging!  I had to modify all my pull-ups with either resistance bands or negative hangs (were I just sit there as long as I can above the bar).   I can handle the push-ups (thanks to Shaun T and T25) but the pull-ups got me.  I can’t wait to crush those by the end.  

DAY 5: CVX –  NOW we are talking!  Cardio with weight training ALL IN ONE.  CVX is my favorite (so far).  It is a full body workout that doesn’t use a lot of floor space and actually, you aren’t on the floor AT ALL.  There are a couple lunge combinations that I had to modify a bit to protect my back and knees but even the modifications got the legs burning. 

DAY 6: THE WARRIOR – This was another SOLID workout.  It’s a mixture of resistance and cardio that gave me a total body workout.  It even incorporates some really good core routines.  

DAY 7: REST OR DYNAMIX – I am a long distance runner and Sunday’s are my run days.  So after a nice 11 mile run, Dynamix is EXACTLY what I needed.  It is a wonderful stretching combination that actually made me sweat!  It kept me engaged the entire time and was perfect after a long run. 

NotImpossibleWeek 1 was SOLID.  I can tell it will be hard but it won’t be impossible.  It’s 30 minutes a day… it can’t be impossible because that is less than 2% of your day and you can afford to dedicate 2% to living a healthy fit lifestyle!


One of the things that I’ve learned through my journey is that I must have a plan.  There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Without a plan your goals are just wishes!  And just as you work from a workout plan, you also need a nutrition plan.  P90X3 comes with a nutrition guide that breaks down your caloric needs into groupings.  With those groups you are assigned a specific allotment of calories each day.  What I like about the guide is that explains portions and sizes REALLY well.  I like that I can easily identify fats, proteins, and carbs and construct a well balanced meal plan.  The part I didn’t like about the guide is that it was entirely too cumbersome and time consuming trying to create a plan around these numbers.  The primary reason is that they don’t give you any recipes.  So you are left trying to match up your food choices with these numbers and then making sure your recipe matches that.  It took me over an hour to construct Week 1’s meal plan and I, nor my challengers, have that kind of time. So, my suggestion is simple… EAT CLEAN and well balanced meals.  Make sure you are getting a WIDE variety of foods in each day and TRACK them.  I know the book says ditch the tracking, but honestly, I think it is MUCH easier to track to stay accountable to your daily caloric needs. 

Here was my plan and prep from week 1:










 The most important part of starting a program is STICKING to it.  You want to take steps toward your goals… not leaps and bounds.  Just as a train everyone in my groups, this is a LIFESTYLE change, not a diet fad!  It may take you twice as long but rest assured you will be able to sustain it MUCH longer than a diet pill or magic wrap!

Now we are moving on to Week 2!!  Bring it on P90X3 because I’m ready for you! Stay tuned for more about my journey and to learn more about this program.  If you are looking for support and accountability and don’t have a Beachbody Coach, then contact me to get daily support and to stay ACCOUNTABLE to your goals!


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