P90X3 Review

P90X3_ReviewIn this post, I will give you a full P90X3 review including my thoughts on the program, the nutrition, and the results!  

As a runner, I was already getting a significant amount of cardio in each day.   Over the past year I was leaning out and really wanted to focus on building muscle mass, toning and defining my body. As you all know, I am a very busy mom of 2 and while at the time I was working full time, I needed a program that could deliver results but not take hours to do so. To me, this program offered exactly what I was looking for.

I was feeling good about the progress I had made over the past year. I had completed several Beachbody programs prior to doing X3 and always felt that with each one I would get just that much stronger.   The problem I had though was nothing was giving me really noticeable muscular results.   Even with daily exercise, I just wasn’t getting that definied toned look that women are constantly trying to achieve and as a mom of two, NOTHING was firming and toning my mid-section.   After a year of trying, I just thought my 6-pack would remain non-existent!

P90X3 Review: My Goals

This may sound silly, but my primary goal with X3 was to do 1 unassisted full extension pull-up. These are incredibly difficult for woman to do and I knew if I could achieve that by the end of the program I would have made great progress with my upper body strength.   So you could only imagine how I felt when after 60 days of doing the program, I was able to do 2!   In addition to strength, I really wanted to get noticeable results. I wanted definition in my arms, my back, and my abs.   I followed the Classic schedule and surpassed my goals. It wasn’t until I looked at my 90 day photos that I noticed just how much this program changed my physical appearance. I couldn’t be happier with my results.  

P90X3 Review: Cost & What’s Included?

It was like Christmas morning when I received my precious box of goodies!  The entire challenge pack costs $205 (only $2.00 shipping in the US & Cananda).  This includes your first supply of Shakeology, the entire fitness program (16 workouts), your fitness guide, nutrition guide, and an awesome hat (which I don’t believe is available any longer… it was a promo item when it was released in Dec. 2013).  

Unlike previous versions of P90X (Power 90, P90X, P90X2), this one does not require a lot of equipment.  In fact, all you need is free weights and a pull up bar (or resistance bands).  There are a few “nice-to-haves” that you may want to pick up but I wouldn’t say are required.  Those include a yoga block, yoga mat, power stands (for push-ups), and medicine balls.   I really don’t think any of those are necessary but if you have them in your equipment line-up, fantastic.  You can put them to use.  Otherwise, you are good to go with weights and bands. 

P90X3 Review: The Workout Schedule

The science behind P90X3 is something known as Muscle Acceleration.  This is where you will adapt, master, and recover by learning explosive muscle building techniques, mastering them, and then having a short period of recovery just before repeating it all over again for maximum results.  It’s a fast approach to a technique you are probably familiar with which is known as muscle confusion.  It’s allowing you to get the results in a shorter amount of time… 30 minutes to be exact!   All (16) of the P90X3 routines are 30 minutes long, no more, no less which makes incorporating them into our busy lives THAT much easier!   They separate the routines in 3 major blocks over the course of 90 days.  You build up starting from Block 1 through 3 and that’s when you really start to see your results shine! 

The workouts range in difficulty and style.  Some require you to use balancing techniques, some are full of push-ups and pull-ups, some are cardio with weights, some are slow, some are fast, and some are just crazy!  At the end of the day, the combination and rotation of all of these workouts are exactly what is needed to deliver incredible results!


P90X3 Review: Modifying Moves

What I really liked about this program is that they have a modifier throughout each routine that you can follow should you need to modify any of the moves.  I really liked that because all of the previous P90X workouts seemed to intimidate me because they were LONG but also used a lot of equipment that women just don’t naturally use when starting their fitness journeys.  In fact, the thought of doing pull-ups made me laugh.

That said, when I started X3 I had to use resistance bands instead of doing actual pull-ups. I couldn’t even pull myself up an inch so attempting pull-ups was out of the question. Around Day 30, I upgraded to a pull-up assist strap that I purchased through Beachbody and started doing full assisted pull-ups for the remainder of the program.   Every once in a while, I would try it without the assist until eventually, I was able to do 1 and then that 1 turned into 2 and at that point, I knew I was getting stronger.

I also had to drop to my knees frequently for push-ups during the Challenge workouts.   Over time, I noticed I was off my knees and doing more and more that way until eventually, I was doing all of them with the video. It took time (and patience) but it happened. I trusted the process, I listened to Tony’s advice, and I would make adjustments, as I grew stronger.


P90X3 Review: Nutrition Plan

P90X3_Meal_PlanI eat clean 90% of the time. I will be completely honest, the nutrition plan was not my favorite. I found it difficult to follow and hard to map out each week with my members. I ended up sticking to their recommendation and eating clean which is the lifestyle I have created. I like that it was flexible enough to do that and with eating clean and watching my portions I was able to stay as close to it as possible. I’ve worked really hard on my nutrition over the past year (after completing the Ultimate Reset) and felt that it was manageable for me.


 P90X3 Review: My Results


TRUST THE PROCESS.   This became my #1 quote while doing this program and you can ask anyone that did it with me that I said it often. After the first 4 weeks, I gained 4 lbs. For me, that was a lot. I hadn’t really gained or lost weight for over a year and to steadily add a pound every week was quite worrisome. I started questioning the effectiveness of the program and if I was headed in the wrong direction. Each week I would come back and say, “I gained another pound.” Even as a coach, who tells her members everyday to ignore the scale, I STRUGGLED with this. But, I did what I tell my members to do, “press forward and TRUST THE PROCESS”.   I’m so unbelievably happy that I did that because my results speak from themselves.   I know there are so many like me out there that think they can’t get more extreme results and I just proved you can with discipline and dedication. So many people focus on a number and if I had done that and gave up… well, I wouldn’t be here telling you my story. Adding weight and inches isn’t bad… it’s NECESSARY when you are working to define and sculpt your body. In the end, I gained 2 lbs and 4 inches (in my arms and thighs) but you would have never known from the results in these photos. TRUST THE PROCESS, commit to the program, and it will deliver the results you are looking for.  Plus, when you are finished and you submit you incredible results, they send you a free T-Shirt!  I like to call these my trophies 🙂  CRUSHED IT!


YES!  I’m interested in taking the P90X3 challenge with Leslie as my coach!



So, you can see that this is the REAL DEAL.  If you are looking for solid results from a program that won’t take you HOURS to do each day, P90X3 is the way to go. 

Would you like to join me and others in my next challenge?  CONTACT me today or purchase your challenge pack above!  This is a great way to start a new fitness journey or push yourself further than you imagined!  I encourage you to go after your goals with all you have and do it in a simple, yet effective, manner!  


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