After my adventure with planting our vegetable garden yesterday, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my TOP ORGANIC GARDENING TIPS with all of you! And let me state this first, I AM NOT AN EXPERT, nor do I have a green thumb but I have learned a lot over the last 3 years with our garden so I thought I would share some of our tips for keeping it as “clean” and organic as possible. So here we go!


This would include anything embedded in the soil like barriers or linings. Yes, you may lose soil over the years and will need to replenish here and there but its better than plastic toxins releasing into your nutrient rich soil, especially as it heats up in the summer. This also includes any trellis system you are putting in place for the vegetables that grow UP. We use chemical free twine and it works great!


Hanging a metal wind chimes is PERFECT to scare off larger animals. The sun/light reflection will also keep birds away. Plant MARIGOLDS around or within your beds to produce overbearing beautiful flowery aromas. It will keep the bunnies and deers at bay! Plus they are low maintenance and just look great around the garden!


After spending all that time avoiding the use of pesticides, it is important to pay attention to the hose(s) you use for watering. Avoid hoses made with materials that have polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and contain brominated flame retardants. They are the MOST toxic! Also, a friendly tip when watering…. make sure you water in the morning and allow the water to deeply saturate the soil. It will promote strong root growth. I use a timer on ours so I don’t have to constantly remember to water them first thing in the morning.


If you decide to purchase your plants vs growing them yourself, go to a local nursery where you can talk to the staff, hand pick your items, and choose the best options for your garden. In addition, I highly recommend finding an organic SIFTED soil that you can purchase in bulk (or in bags if you are replenishing or have a smaller bed to fill). If you are going through all of this effort to go organic, you don’t want to plant your beautiful crops in chemically altered soil. Plus, if you can find sifted soil, you will deal with A LOT less weeding! Otherwise, you can make your own vinegar weed killing spray. Check out Pinterest, I’m sure there’s a recipe up there.

Tips for an Organic Garden
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FINALLY, enjoy your harvest. Take pride in the hard work you do to provide healthy foods for your family. Show your garden some love because when done right, it will love you back!


~ Leslie