New Year Resolutions Don’t Work


Happy New Year 2016

Do you believe in setting new year resolutions?  Most people do it because we’ve been conditioned to do so. How many times have you heard, “It’s the New Year!  What’s your resolution?”  and on the whim, come up with something but aren’t REALLY committed to it?  Statistically speaking, 25% of those who make a resolution won’t last past the first week. 30% won’t make it two weeks, 40% won’t make it after the first month, and almost 60% won’t make it after 6 months.  Not too promising is it?

You’re probably thinking, “Gosh.  This isn’t really motivating!”  Here’s the thing, we WANT you to succeed.  We don’t want any of you to fail at reaching your goals. So, that’s what we want to talk about. We’re going to share a few reasons why resolutions typically don’t work and then give you some pointers for making sure they DO!

1. We think too much. Resolutions are typically about what you THINK you should do vs what you REALLY want to do. Most people wait all year to decide on one or two things that they kind of, sort of want to stop or start doing but are often NEVER fully committed to it. 

Too often, resolutions are decided upon by looking at other people’s expectations or based on what you see on TV, hear on the radio, or stumble upon in the check-out line of the grocery store. 

Forget about what you or other people think you ought to be doing and look at what you really want to change or do during the year. What is it that YOU want? 

2. There’s no motivation or commitment.  The problem we face is that we take something that doesn’t really mean anything to us and when we try to make it happen we run out of steam and throw in the towel.  Why is it so easy for some to throw in the towel? Because the resolution lacks PURPOSE and eventually everything will fall apart after that initial burst of motivation wears off.  It’s just not sustainable without purpose. 

What you need is something that comes from the inside, something that’s based on what’s important to YOU.  Go beyond the surface level reason and do some deep soul searching. Then commit to it and stay accountable.  

We know we’d like to think we can do it alone but the fact is, most of us have a higher rate of success with accountability and support! We know this is true for us. So, share your goals with someone. Get a partner. Ask someone to check in with you weekly to see how you are doing. Join one of our accountability groups.  The point is, SHARE it with someone else.  You’re more likely to succeed when you have accountability.  

3. The timing is all WRONG.  Personally, I really don’t like the idea of waiting until a specific day to make a choice about something you will or will not do.  If you TRULY want to change, do not wait.  There are 365 QUALITY days in the year that are available and willing to be used.  USE THEM!!!

Once you make the goal (whether today, tomorrow or during the summer), you need to figure out HOW you are going to make it happen! Get out your calendar and actually schedule in what it is you want to do.  Working on having more date nights?  Schedule the dates!  Want to workout more?  Put it on your calendar and set an alarm in your phone to get up and workout!  Want to eat healthier?  Create a weekly plan and prepare your foods in advance. 

Make sure you can measure it too.  A lot of people make general goals like “improve my relationship” or “get healthier”. The problem is that you never really know if you reached the goal. So, make goals that are measurable and time-driven. Instead, say “I will go on 10 dates with my partner by 3/31/2015” or “I’m going to eat 3 servings of vegetables a day and exercise for 30 minutes everyday during the month of January.”  Then you have something you can actually act on and measure to determine success. 

We hope this helps!  2016 can be a year full of exciting and new adventures.  You have an opportunity to create positive change for yourself and your life.  Don’t make off-the-cuff, half-hearted choices that don’t really mean anything.  Instead, make confident choices based on what matters most to you and live life to the fullest this year!!!

Happy New Year friends!!!
~ Leslie & Tommie Davis



P.S.  On this day, whether you are making new goals or resolving to do something different in 2016 be sure you also focus your attention on the people you choose to surround yourself with because they will have a real impact on your success. They will either make it harder for you or they will LIFT you so high that you literally feel like you can do anything!!!


We’re excited to see all of you make 2016 YOUR YEAR! Whatever it is you want, know that it IS POSSIBLE.


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