I may not have woken up at 530am to workout but I’ll be damned if I let that be an excuse for not getting my workout in today.

My severe lack of energy and fatigue hasn’t been easy to deal with but I’ve learned over the years that nothing worth having comes easy and I REALLY want to have a FIT and healthy pregnancy. I just need to learn how to adapt and make adjustments for this new little energy sucking human.

It’s funny because I wasn’t “fit” with the girls. I didn’t workout regularly. I would get on the elliptical and go for walks but I often used my fatigue as an excuse to be lazy and not care. I don’t want to be that way this time and I’m really excited about sharing this new and exciting journey with all of you.

I want to workout. 
I want to continue running. 
I want to eat foods that fuel and serve my body. 
I want to do everything possible to have a happy AND healthy pregnancy! 

I know there will come a point where I physically may not be able to do much so until then, I’ll do my best to keep me and this baby moving and grooving!