Insanity Max 30 Review

Insanity Max:30OMGEEEEE…. you guys!  This is going to be CRAZY!  I’m going to layout ALL THE DETAILS here in my Insanity Max 30 Review just for you!  This program is * BRAND NEW * and available to order right now!


First of all, all of the workouts will be 30 minutes long.  They have been designed to push you to your MAX and believe me, after we worked out with Shaun T out on the lawn of the Fairmont Princess hotel, we were definitely MAXED OUT!

These workouts are HARDCORE!  There is a full modifier but that doesn’t mean the intensity is decreased.  That just means they provide a variation of the move that is less impactful.  This particular workout we did had us sweating within the first 5 minutes!  It’s more intense that Focus T25 and the moves/format are different than those in Insanity.  In fact they have over 100 new moves in this program and if you’re interested, you’ll be the first to do them with me and our Test Group come Dec. 2015 when it is released to coaches!

The point of the workout is to “MAX” out.  Your goal is to go as long as you can, with perfect form, and note the time at the point you can’t go anymore (or you MAX out).   Shaun T described it as doing a Fit Test everyday of the program!  I’m telling you this workout was INSANE and we LOVED it!  You may reach 1 minute, you may reach 3 minutes, you may reach 5 minutes… the first time doing the workout.  Whatever it is, its OK because this workout was designed to be YOU vs. YOU!  You will make note of the time each day and your goal is to go longer each and every time. 




INSANITY MAX 30 REVIEW: Workout Details

Shaun breaks this down in 2 formats.  The first is the cardio challenge.  That is where you see just how far you can take your body.   The workout format looks like this:

  • Warm-Up
  • Break
  • 3 Exercises at 30 sec. ea. (3 Rounds of each for 4.5 Minutes)
  • 30 Second Break
  • Repeat 5 Times

Month 1 Workout Details:

  1. Cardio Challenge
  2. Sweat Intervals
  3. Tabata Power
  4. Tabata Strength
  5. Friday Fight: Round 1

Month 2 Workout Details:

  1. Max Out Cardio
  2. Max Out Sweat
  3. Max Out Power
  4. Max Out Strength
  5. Friday Fight:  Round 2

There are no weights or equipment needed.  All you need is YOU and your own body weight!

INSANITY MAX 30 REVIEW: Nutrition Plan

These workouts are really designed to take you to your MAX and to push you to the point you can’t go any longer. Over time, your goal is to increase your Max for each workout so that by the end of the 60 days, you get INSANE results!  However, to get those results, your NUTRITION must be on point!  You will get a nutrition plan with this program that will help you determine your needs and get you on our way to eating healthier!  The plan is VERY similar to that of the 21 Day Fix!  They made it super simple and categorized it into 2 main plans.  Plan A is for those less than 150lbs and Plan B is for those greater than 150lbs.   I’m in the Plan A category and this is a sample plan that I will be using for the program:

Insanity Max 30 Meal Plan


Each day you will replace one of your meals or snacks (depending on your goal and needs) with Shakeology.  Shakeology is dense superfood nutrition that was created to help you obtain maximum results and get your body operating at its peak performance.  

** If you are not currently working with a coach and would like to have access to my meal planning templates, tools, and recipe guides, please CONTACT ME and I will get you set up. **


Test Group

My husband and I will be running a private Insanity Max:30 test group and invite you to join us on this transforming journey!  The best part about this group is the SUPPORT you will receive each and everyday.  There is absolutely no reason you should do this alone.  Team up with us and you will be part of an amazing community of individuals that are doing this program too and are after similar goals, to get in the best shape of their life! 

Our goal as your coach is to help YOU reach your goals and get the results YOU want! We’ll discuss the workouts, nutrition, and give you plenty of motivation and support so WHEN you are ready to join us, CONTACT US or ORDER NOW!


Shaun T calls this “The Hardest 30 Minutes of Your Day!” 

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