Insanity and Insanity Asylum P90X2 Hybrid Transformation

Meet Bobby C.  and check out what he had to say about his Insanity and Insanity Asylum P90X2 hybrid transformation below!

Insanity Transformation

I have always been a small kid growing up. Undersized for my age and weight is probably the best way to say it. I ggraduated high school at 110 pounds just to frame up how small I was as a young adult. It was not long after high school that I decided to join the Marines. Come to find out that in order for me to enlist I had to gain 2 pounds before they would send me to boot camp. I was given 1 week to gain these 2 pounds and began to eat everything in sight from McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza, milkshakes you name it and I ate it. With that said I acheived my goal of gaining 2 pounds and my Marine Corps career began. From this point forward and throughout my entire active duty enlistment I was eating anything I wanted while my metabolism was high.

Fast forward to today having been out for close to 14 years my metabolism is not as high and now I gain weight very easy. So back in March of this year I signed up as a beachbody coach and started my journey to be active and be fit. My goal is simple. Be more active than I had been and get back into shape. It all started with Insanity and a daily dose of Shakeology, then moved on to Insanity Asylum/P90X2 and now Focus T25. 

I’ve lost 15 pounds since starting, completed a 5k fun run and just recently completed a mud run called the Savage Race. My journey is not over and my transformation is still under way. Stay motivated, be positive and don’t lose sight of your goals regardless of any setbacks.



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