Grab Your Steering Wheel

 I was making the girl’s lunch and listening to our *Live* SURGE call being broadcasted from California when I heard Carl Daikeler say my name and start speaking about being in control of YOUR success.  I know there are coaches part of this community now so I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss this topic.  I know if he mentioned it, then it must be something that we as coaches, as aspiring leaders, should be sharing.  
The best part is, this topic is true for ANY facet in your life that you are trying to succeed with, whether that’s making your way through college, building a business, reaching your fitness or financial goals, or becoming a TOP Beachbody Coach!  
> > Whatever you aspire to do, to be, or to achieve in life, YOU and only YOU can grab that steering wheel and make it happen!!
 Many coaches think that if they join with a top coach that they are automatically going to achieve success and become a top coach too.  Or if they don’t have upline support that they won’t succeed in their business and should just quit.  
Why do I know this… because when I first became a coach, I nearly quit and dismantled everything I built because I actually believed that we would NOT succeed without having an immediate coach supporting us each day.  That without specialized trainings, weekly meetings, constant mentoring or coaching, that there was NO way we would be able to grow and succeed to the point that we would become top coaches ourselves so what was the point?!   I actually went as far as calling my coaches at the time and told them we were going to dismantle everything and when we could, we would sign up under a TOP coach so we could really be successful. 
CRAZY, right?  No.  It’s not crazy when you lack self belief and at the time, I was full of self doubt and what I could actually do with this business! 
When we lack belief in ourselves, everyone and everything will become an excuse for why we can’t succeed or why we can’t achieve everything we set out to do in life.  In reality, those are just EXCUSES!
YOU have the steering wheel.  YOU decide what direction you go in. YOU take the turns needed to make sure you get to your destination.  
So my message to all of you is GRAB YOUR STEERING WHEEL and go!  It’s ok if you don’t know *exactly* where you are going or have all the answers right now but I promise you, you’ll find them along the way!   The only way you can find them though is if you turn the key, push the pedal, and start steering! 


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