Fixate Grandmas Tomato Sauce



Fixate Grandmas Tomato Sauce

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Comments: I’ve always preferred a healthy homemade tomato sauce over canned sauces.  A big reason why is because my mom makes a KILLER tomato sauce.  I was anxious to try this one out to see how it would turn out and I have to say, it lacked the bold flavor that my mom’s has.  The paste was a bit overpowering and made it have an interesting aftertaste.  Luckily, I was at my mom’s when I tested it out and she knew what to do to make it perfect WITHOUT adding sugars or more season… her suggestion, SHREDDED CARROTS!   It create a natural sweetness that cut right through that paste.  My mom is genius and with that I would rank it higher.  

Recommendations & Modifications:  Shred 1-2 carrots to bring out more flavor. 

NOTE: The sauce is the base of many recipes in the cookbook.  This photo was for the Turkey Sloppy Joes but the sauce is the main recipe. 



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