5.5 years ago a good friend asked me to run a 10 miler with her. I had never run in my life but something inside of me broke free and went for it anyway.

I didn’t own any running shoes.
I didn’t own any running clothes.
I didn’t have a fancy watch to track time.

What I did have was a deep desire to CHANGE. Our girls were just under 2 and 4 years old and my life at the time felt very “assembly line” like.

> wake up
> get ready
> get the girls ready
> drop them off at daycare
> go to work
> get them from daycare
> eat dinner
> read books
> go to bed

I felt like I was in survival mode 24×7 and desperately wanted to do something FOR ME! So her question came at the perfect time and that day, EVERYTHING changed.

Running allowed me to discover what I was physically capable of. It allowed me to have time to think, to dream, and to explore things I once thought were impossible.

1 mile became 2 which became 3 which went on to 13.1, 26.2, 31, 50 and eventually 64. Boundaries were pushed and dreams were realized and even though I have to defer my 100 miler this year, you better believe I’ll be going after it next year.

Running set the tone for how I wanted to lead my life…. open, free, and without constraints! I discovered there was more to do and have in our life and EVERYTHING changed because of it.

fit pregnancy runner
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