Let me ask you a quick question. When you look at this board, WHAT DO YOU SEE? Do you see the 5 workouts I’ve missed so far or do you see the 46 I’ve DONE?!

I’m not going to lie, sticking to this workout program has been slightly harder than I expected, especially as I progress in my pregnancy. I much rather run everyday BUT that said, I know how very important it is to cross train and give our┬ábodies variety in terms of exercise.

One thing that I loved when I did P90X3 the first time around and what I’m rediscovering today as I do it almost 2.5 years later is the range of motion and the versatility of each workout!

Today marks Day 51 and I’m in the last week of Block 2! The transition week is always refreshing and really gives my body the rest, flexibility, strengthening and balance needed to push forward for the last and final block coming up next week.

Where will I go from here? I don’t know yet. I still have 5.5 weeks to figure that out but for now, I continue to put my best foot forward and walk the path that works for me, even if I miss a day, even if I skip a day, even if I switch a day around. What matters most to me is what has been DONE and what I continue to DO each and everyday.

Fit Pregnancy
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