Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties

OUT WITH A BANG: Survival Tip #1

> Holiday Parties, Girls Nights, or other Festive Events

Today I started a new fitness program (Insanity Max:30) with about 40 friends that I’m coaching AND I’m scheduled to go out for a Girl’s Night Holiday Party. Since I obviously can’t move the start date of our Test Group, nor turndown our annual holiday part, what does one do???

THIS IS FAR TO COMMON! So here are a couple of my favorite tips to stay on track with your nutrition plan and eating healthy at holiday parties. It’s hard… but it can be done!

 Holiday Survival Tips

> Mini-Workout – The Ab Attack

Another tip that I have with survivig holiday parties is to do a mini-workout before you go.  Sometimes getting your body moving gets you thinking more positive about yourself and your self-image.  You get your blood pumping, you get a short but effective workout in, and you just feel good. That positive mindset helps prepare you for what’s to come when you are being stared down by chocolate, pies, and fancy drinks.  Think about how you felt after the workout and use that to strengthen your will power when out for the evening.  

Check out today’s mini workout and try to fit it in sometime today.  If not today, bookmark it for later!  These come in handy.  

Happy Healthy Holidays!

~ Leslie

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