Dear London

ClassroomVolunteerDear London , 

> > Today was a BIG day!

I dreamed of this day and had butterflies in my belly and tears in my eyes as I walked up to your school doors.

You’ve been so patient and understanding over the past year as I gave you multiple reasons why I couldn’t volunteer during the day in your classroom. I know at times it made you upset, believe me, I was upset too but you were always strong and your smile always made me feel like you were ok.

But guess what, mommy was never OK. It broke my heart into pieces each and every time you would ask. I dreaded seeing the flyers come home because I knew you would ask again, and again, and again. And you would unfortunately get the same answer, over and over and over. I dreamed of days that I wouldn’t have to worry about taking off work or asking you to decided between mommy volunteering or mommy attending field trips with you. I dreamed of being at home in the mornings so I could wake up with you and your sister and get you ready for the day without rushing, without worry, and certainly without shuffling you from place to place.

> > Today was a BIG day!

You didn’t realize it at the time, but someday you will grow to understand, that a single conversation you had with Mrs. Lydia one morning while she was watching you before school, made THE biggest impact on our future. That day you asked Mrs. Lydia to volunteer at school because mommy was always working and you wanted someone there will be forever engrained in my heart.

That day, mommy decided she would NEVER give up on her dreams. I used those words as a reminder EVERY day when I was tired, when I had to sacrifice a lot of my evenings with daddy, when I had to get up early in the morning, and when I had to turn down invitations to go out with friends on the weekends. I used those words to make sure that I would have a different answer for you the next time you asked.

> > Today was a BIG day!ClassroomVolunteer

Today you got to see mommy walk through your classroom doors and volunteer t your school. Your smile and wink said it all. It took all my strength to hold back my tears as I saw the pure joy in your face. I dreamed of this day baby girl and what’s even better is that not only was today a BIG day, but every Thursday going forward you will see me walk through those doors with a smile on my face and wink in my eye because YOU made my dreams come true 

I love you to the moon and back and look forward to everything our future holds!

Always remember… dreams do come true when you believe!!!

xoxo – 


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  1. Reading this made me cry. My daughters are 8 years old and are constantly asking me to volunteer at their school and because of work obligations I can’t do it. Every time I say mommy has to work they look heart broken which makes me feel like an awful mom. Good for you that you could finally give London what she wanted and needed!!

    • Thank you Sherrie! I really appreciate that and I know that feeling! Its a hard balance and you are doing GREAT! We don’t hear that nearly as often and you should know that while it is tough on you to give them the answer, they will grow to know that you did what you could when you could and they’ll appreciate that!

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