Daily Motivation

Daily Motivation


Do me a favor! The next time you:

> aren’t feeling your best.
> don’t eat exactly per your plan.
> don’t push 100% in your workout. 
> sleep in later than you wanted.
> enjoy dessert or an unexpected treat.

DO NOT punish yourself. DO NOT put yourself down. DO NOT give up. DO NOT believe you’re a failure.

Give yourself grace and instead of focusing on what you did or didn’t do, focus on something that makes you PROUD instead. Even if that was simply being kind to others or loving on your children or doing your best during the workout you chose to do.

You will soon see how successful you ARE by making the slightest change in your perspective.

Today I’m proud that I did all 30 minutes of my workout.

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About The Author

Daily Motivation

In the beginning of my journey, I decided to create a Facebook FAN page as a way to help others stay focused on their health and nutrition goals and to keep people motivated and inspired to lead healthy fit lifestyles. I wanted a way to give back and truly make a difference in peoples lives regardless if they had or wanted Beachbody products to assist them.  

So, I created FITsSimple!  It has been growing with FANS everyday and is my way to give back and help others.  So, if you are just looking for daily inspiration, a dose of reality, and some spirited motivation and accountability, head over to the page and LIKE it!  You’ll hear from me often. 

That page is for any and everyone so I encourage you to jump in the conversations, comment on posts, and like and share with friends.  The more the merrier and I’m happy to support anyone!


About The Author

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My name is Leslie! I'm a wife, mom, runner, fitness enthusiast, and business mentor to many! I'm here to help you keep things simple so you can live your best life possible! Welcome!


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