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The CEO of Beachbody, Carl Diekeler, made a profound statement that has stuck with me and is the first thing that I present to new prospective coaches.  


OPTION #1: Take the road most traveled, using all of your energy making money for someone else, spending your life trying to appease your employer and hopefully get a raise…that is if THEY think you deserve it. You can spend your time and energy making money for someone else, letting them dictate when you can have free time and how much you get paid, all for the illusion of job security, until something totally beyond your control happens and you are laid off, or you can take a look at option #2

OPTION #2: You can take some of your work time to focus some effort on building something that you control, something that is yours. You’ll work just as hard – maybe even harder than you do at your job. In the beginning, you might financially struggle a bit, but who hasn’t? You will reap the benefit of knowing that YOU are in control of your future and your income.

Only YOU can decide which is the best path for your life, make your decision count!

If you are ready to take control of your dreams and start doing something new and exciting with my team then click BECOME A COACH below and let’s get started!  


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