A few weeks ago I signed up to run a local 8 miler trail race. I thought it was a FANTASTIC way to break my 35 day rest period from running and a positive way to start my New Year!

4 days ago, my husband arranged a weekend getaway to celebrate the New Year with our girls.

I could have woken my family up very early this morning, drove a couple hours to the trail, and run that race… a choice I likely would have made last year. Or I could choose to forgo the race and live a little more SIMPLY by waking up and heading down to the hotels gym to run my own race on the treadmill.

Is it coincidence that my CHOSEN WORD for 2017 is SIMPLIFY. A word I reflected on the entire month of December and chose before this getaway was planned?! Maybe.

I believe it was chosen for a reason and what better way to test my resolve than to do so on the first day of the New Year.

I will embrace this word and learn how to live life more SIMPLY. I will learn to say no, I will reduce our possessions, I will live in the moment, and I will SIMPLIFY our lives through the choices I make everyday in 2017.

I’m excited and ready. After running MY 8 mile race this morning, I realized I CAN do this and today¬†#iwillwin.