Choose Your Hard

You are probably wondering why I would say that with a picture of sliced apples. Well, here is the thing… apples were NOT on my meal plan yesterday. When I was getting the girls lunches ready for school, I looked down and wanted to eat a few slices. I mean, they’re just apples… why couldn’t I have a few!?!?!

StickToYourPlanI sat there looking at these slices, having a conversation with myself about WHY I should or shouldn’t eat them. Then I realized I couldn’t be the only one in this world that struggles with sticking to my plan so I’m writing this post now 

In the end, I had to choose my hard. It was hard wanting something and restraining myself from eating it. It was hard looking at them. It was hard packing them up and not taking just one little bite. It was hard cutting them up and looking at my bowl of oatmeal instead. ALL of it was hard… but you know what would have been harder, finishing this Test Group program and not reaching my goals. Not staying dedicated to the process and plan that I created to get the results that I want out of this program. The feeling of regret. The feeling of being frustrated that I didn’t do what I said I would do to get the results I said I wanted because I didn’t give it 110%. 

THAT would not only be HARD… but would terribly disappointing. 

So, we need to choose our hard wisely. This is not an easy journey to be on. No one ever said it would be easy because if it were, this entire world would be healthy, fit, and not suffering from an obesity epidemic! 

We can do this. We can be strong! 

– Leslie

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