Charm City Run 20 Miler














LOCATION: NCR Trail, Maryland    

COURSE: Flat Trail     

DISTANCE: 20 Miles    

PRICE: $40

Goal Time: 3h 15m   –   Finish (Chipped) Time: 3h 11m

This is one of my favorite races in Maryland.  It starts near the PA/MD line and continues down the trail 18.5 miles where you hit the turnaround point to head down a local road for the final 1 mile stretch.   I’ve run a fair amount of races over the past 2 years and it never fails that a majority of them have a hill right at the end!  This was no different.  The last 1/4 mile is uphill and ends in the Ashland marketplace parking lot. 

That said the majority of the course is FLAT and on the trail.  WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THAT?!?! 

It’s a fast course and there were plenty of restroom and water stops along the way.  The post race was also quite good with a wide range of fruits, snacks, sugars, and salty pretzels and chips!  It was well organized and a very enjoyable run. 

CONS:  The race shirts are sub-par.  They ran small and short for women.   Therefore, I won’t be wearing mine but I will keep it for the race shirt collection pile!  It’s also somewhat disappointing that they do NOT give out medals for this race.  You would think with a distance of 20 miles they would have something at the end other than cold water bottles!    But, I guess with an entry fee of $40 one can’t complain.

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