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Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: A Sneak Peek Video!!!



PiYo IS HERE!!!!  I’m so excited to introduce it to all of you and provide you with my complete Chalene Johnson PiYo Review which contains workout details, nutritional details, program details, and information about my *EXCLUSIVE* Test Group that all of you are welcome to join!!! 








Chalene PiYoSo, Chalene has been at it yet again!!  If you don’t know already, I LOVE THIS WOMAN.  Why?  Because she has a heart of gold, is an inspiring business woman, puts her family first with EVERY decision she makes, is a role model for young women, and of course… has a rockin’ body!  What isn’t there to love?!

She is the creator of ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, and TurboJam and has just released PiYo


Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: What is PiYo???

PiYo allows you to define your body without jumping, using weights or causing joint strain.  All you need is your own body weight to burn fat and redefine every muscle of your physique.  You’ll do this by performing a sequence of continuous, targeted moves.  This workout is really about building and strengthening your core through dynamic movements, flexibility exercises, and learning to balance!  There will also be some light cardio to get your heart rate up and the calories burning!

Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: Workout Details

PiYo-Workout-ProgramThis is a 8 week program (~60 days) with routines ranging from 25-45 minutes long.  Here are some “SNAPSHOTS” of the PiYo workouts you’ll get with this program:

  • Align The Fundamentals (40 min) – This workout breaks down each move in the program to help you perfect your form and learn the basics of PiYo terminology, proper alignment and modification options.
  • Define: Lower Body (25 min) – I enjoyed this workout and can tell it will really focus on shaping and toning your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves because I could feel it for days!  It’s among to lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body!
  • Define: Upper Body (18 min) – I’ve been really focused on defining my upper body and this workout right here is going to do just that.  It’s heavily focused on shaping your arms, triceps, and sexy shoulders!
  • Sweat (35 min) – This is another great workout that incorporates dynamic conditioning,  fast paced cardio/yoga flows and body weight resistance training that will really help with sculpting and defining your entire body. 
  • Core (30 min) We all want them.  Those sleek sexy abs.  Well I’ve got to say, this workout is 100% focused on your powerhouse… the CORE!  It will definitely help with flattening and defining that mid-section that is so difficult for women to develop. 
  • Buns (25 min) – This is ALL about those glutes! This workout is focused on lifting, redefining, and tightening the entire backside of your body for the perfectly shaped butt!  << YEP.  I said it.  Nothing wrong with shaping up the backside too!
  • Strength Intervals (25 mins) This is a high calorie burning workout that eliminates the use of weight but will get your heart-rate up and burring serious calories through athletic moves and sequences.  I really liked the movements in this one.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Drench (45 min) – Drench starts us off with getting warmed up and stretching out our bodies.  Then it jumps right into improving muscle endurance, balance and flexibility!   The name is suitable.  You will need a shower after this one! 
  • Sculpt (30 min) – I really enjoyed the movements in the Sculpt workout too.  Its a nice technique where you use different tempos to keep you muscles under tension for different lengths of time.  I can tell some serious endurance improvement is in my near future! 
  • BONUS!  Hardcore ON THE FLOOR – This is ONLY available if you purchase through a coach so use this page to order. This is a workout focused on using your own body weight to develop incredibly long, lean muscles while sculpting your abs, glutes, arms, and legs without ever needing to leave the floor!  AWESOME workout that might be a favorite!


coredrenchstrength intervals sweat


upper bodylower bodythe fundamentalssculpt 


piyo buns

*** Want the FREE PiYo Hardcore ON THE FLOOR workout? Order the PiYo program from this page and get this workout for free, plus receive additional bonus materials and support from me!**

Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: The Workout Schedule

PiYO           PiYo-Workout-Calendar

Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: The Nutrition


If you have completed the 21 Day Fix, then you’ll be happy to know that Chalene Johnson’s nutrition guide is VERY similar to that one.  It breaks down your caloric needs (based on your goals) and puts your into 1 of 4 different calorie brackets.  It breaks down each bracket into 5 distinct categories of food and portions: 



(Broccoli, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers, Carrots, Cucumbers, Onions, etc.)


(Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Corn on the Cob, Millet, Barley, Oatmeal, Bread, Pasta, etc.)


(Blueberris, Strawberries, Watermelon, Orange, Apple, Grapes, Mango, Peach, etc.)


(Eggs, Chicken, Greek Yogurt, Tempeh, Tofu, Tuna, Cottage Cheese, Turkey Bacon, Milk, etc.)


(Avocado, Nuts, EVOO, Flaxseed, Seed Butters, Hummus, Cheese, etc.)


(Vinegars, Mustard, Hrbs, Spices, Garlic, etc.)


From there, you get a list of approved (clean) foods to choose from and build your plan around. There isn’t much in terms of pre-made menus, recipes or plans but overall the approach is simple and easy to follow.  As part of my groups and as a member of mine, you will have access to *EXCLUSIVE* planning materials like the one below.  Planning is *key* with this program and your nutrition needs to be on point to be successful in reaching your goals. 


**Contact me if you would like to have access to my *EXCLUSIVE* planning tools and templates!**

Chalene Johnson PiYo Review: The Results

With this type of workout and sequence of routines, one can expect to shape and define their entire body.  I’ve done several programs in the past and after ONE Live workout with Chalene herself, I KNEW I would feel it for days.  I could tell immediately that this is *THE* program that is going to help me maintain my results and increase my range of motion, flexibility, and Core strength.   And who doesn’t LOVE that?!  

If you are interested in investing in yourself, in your future self and doing this program and joining my *Exclusive* Test Group then click the link below and purchase your Challenge Pack today!  I look forward to helping you move forward with your fitness goals and enjoying along the way!  


Chalene Johnson PiYo





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  1. […] Post-Refresh: You can expect improved digestion, energy, and some weight-loss. The purpose of this  program is to put you on the right path towards better overall health and wellness! The 3 Day Refresh is intended to give you a break from poor eating habits and/or kick start healthy ones. After completing the program, you may feel lighter and healthier overall.   I sure did and I dropped 5.4 lbs in the process!  Something I desperately need to shed after coming home from our Annual Coach Summit held in VEGAS (of all places)!  In addition, my husband did it and dropped 7 lbs!  We are now ready to get fit with the new workout program PiYo! […]

    • Hey Stacy!

      Yes. In fact, I had a member doing it up until she delivered this week! She’s jumping right back into it too once cleared.

      There is a modifier throughout the entire program too.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I don’t have lot’s of weight to loose, only about 5-10 lbs. Just wondering if this will help with that at all? I’m in the process of doing another beachbody workout but would like to add this to the routine.

    • Hi Ainslie –

      This program will help with that. The most important component is nutrition but coupled with exercise you can get the results you want. This one focuses heavily on controlled strength, flexibility and balance conditioning moves. It’s different than most programs but very effective.

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