Be My Own Boss

“I wake up feeling calm and at peace. I may hear the wrestling of little feet running into my room as I stretch my arms in the air. I get up and prepare myself for the day feeling refreshed and focused. I lean over and kiss my husband with a smile on my face. We get our workout cloths on, we go downstairs as a family to make breakfast. We laugh. We smile. Our hearts are full!

We walk downstairs to work out together, feeling grateful for our bodies. We sit. We meditate and we welcome our day. We eat breakfast together. We gather our belongings. I kiss my husband. I wait for the bus with my children. I get them on the bus and off to school. We smile. We kiss goodbye. Our hearts are full!

I’m dedicated and focused on building my business. Helping my members and coaches realize THEIR goals and THEIR dreams. Plugging into my groups. Motivating our team. Inspiring lives. My days are full but flexible. I make the decisions. I run MY day.

I pick up my girls from school or greet them from the bus. We talk about our day, our favorite moments, our challenges. We talk. We laugh. We smile. Our hearts are full! 

We enjoy dinner together in our dining room. We play. We live in the moment. We create memories. We kiss each other goodnight and we go to bed at peace feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and excited to do it all over again tomorrow! Our hearts are overflowing! 

Child Meditation

> > This was my dream less than 2 years ago. This is now becoming my reality. Hold fast to your dreams. Do not let them go because anything IS possible.

xoxo –


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