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You’re probably searching this topic because you are interested in knowing more about the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. You’re probably thinking to yourself “this has got to be a scamming pyramid business” or “there’s no way you can be successful with coaching”.  Well, I’m here writing this to prove you wrong.  The coaching opportunity with Beachbody is far from a scam.  This company is built on a foundation of passion, drive, and determination.  They want nothing more than to see you succeed and to do it while adding value to other’s lives.   

I was taken back recently when I saw one of my free members (someone who has never purchased anything from me and is in our free accountability group) tag and thank me on her facebook wall for being there when she needed me and never “pushing” her toward products or forcing her hand at purchasing something from me. She genuinely told all of her friends that they should connect with me if they need help or advice with improving their health and fitness. As coaches, we are there to support and help people regardless if they can purchase a product.  There are coaches like me, that do it regardless of a sale.  Then, there are those that do not.  I’m not here to bash anyone or to ridicule how others run their business.  After all, this is THEIR business.  They can run it however they wish.  So, you are probably searching this because maybe you were approached differently or pushed toward a product (or two) in your past.  This business is not a scam but it is run by the individual signing up and unfortunately their intentions may be different than those driven with a noble purpose. 
Why am I telling you this???  Human beings have two fundamental emotional needs: connection and meaning. We want to have close personal relationships and we want our work to count for something. If you think about that for a second with regards to this business, you will immediately realize why those coaches that are in this to “get rich fast” FAIL and FAIL HARD. Most of them will never recover and will ultimately quit.  Those are also the ones that have you searching this very topic. Their purpose for coaching is self centered and therefore their actions are misguided. 
It is increasing difficult to achieve success as a coach if you are driven by the wrong purpose. I firmly believe, and have said this numerous times, that the success coaches have will be directly reflected by the number of lives they change. Their purpose for changing lives has to exceed that of selling products.  Successful coaches are the ones that are driven by the desire to help change lives.  So no, this is not a scam.  You just need to talk to one of them that approaches their business with the purpose of connecting and providing value to others.  You just need to talk to ME

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