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Wow!  I figured I would use my blog as a way to not only help people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals through recipes and commentary but also as a way for me to express my emotions and thoughts on the impact that the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity has had on me and my family in hopes to reach out to more people that may be struggling with career choices or employment situations.  




That’s the ONE thing that comes to mind immediately when someone asks what Beachbody Coaching has done for me. And I apologize. This may take a minute but that’s because I have something REALLY important to say. 

For ANYONE that has ever been the least bit interested in knowing about or becoming a Beachbody Coach, this message is for YOU! Please take 8 minutes out of your evening to watch this video. You will see a side of me that truly sets my heart on FIRE! 

This morning I woke up to some VERY exciting news. I became a new 2 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and the crazy part… I did it in less than 15 months and have no intention on stopping!  Many are probably thinking “ok. I don’t know what that means.” That’s ok. What matters is this… Beachbody has given me a whole new business center to open and build from the ground up but with the direct support of my current team. It’s like opening a new store front that is filled with associates that are there to help you grow from Day 1. I get to duplicate myself and help more people achieve success as self-employed entrepreneurs! How cool is that??? THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE….I signed up as a Coach on March 2nd, 2013 and grew a business from ground 0 with people that have the same drive, compassion, and love for life and helping others as I do. WE have created a solid team of successful coaches and get to do it AGAIN! 

Could you imagine the possibilities had you signed up directly under me when I first became a Coach??? Well, HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY —->. My new goals is to start building my 2nd business center to a Diamond qualified rank in the next 30 days – will you be a part of that? Are you ready to own your business and make 6 figures in 2-3 years? Are you ready to design your life? Are you tired of dreading Monday mornings and constantly saying to yourself there has GOT to be more to life than this? Are you a stay at home mom who wants to opportunity to be part of a growing and exciting fitness community? Do you have a full time job but looking for extra income? Do you want to quit your job all together and set your own hours and be your own boss LIKE I DID IN JUST OVER A YEAR AS A COACH?

I’m now taking applications for 10 new coaches that are open to creating a thriving business in 2-3 years or maybe even shorter if you are someone who has drive, is hard working and wants to succeed quickly. YES! It is possible. Keep reading…. You do NOT need to be a fitness professional. You do NOT need to be in the best shape of your life but you MUST have a positive attitude and a PASSION & a DESIRE to help others! You must be willing to work 5-10 hours a week helping others online & accept the fact that the income you make will be determined by the time you put into helping others achieve their goals. Again, a health & fitness background, which can be great to have, is not necessary. I can teach you everything I know & help you do exactly as I have done through the tools I have in place and the training I provide. You must be coachable, willing to learn something new and have a DESIRE to do SOMETHING other than your regular 9-5. Maybe you aren’t THAT ready but you have made changes in your life that you want to share with the world? It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday, 2 months ago, 2 years ago or plan to start RIGHT NOW as you read this. I’m so excited to have found my passion & purpose – it was all because of that one decision to say YES, I want to give this a shot! If you are ready to jump in and achieve your BIG DREAM, to go after ALL that life has to offer ~ let’s get you on the track to becoming part of our team and on a path for a whole new YOU! My 2nd business center will be filled QUICKLY – you DO NOT want to miss this chance! I would love to have you on our team and to help you push towards BIG goals! The question isn’t whether or not I’m going to reach the goals I put in place; the question is ARE YOU COMING WITH ME so we reach them together? Want to explore the possibilities that this opportunity has for you?  CONTACT ME today and let’s chat or fill out this short application to get started!


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