B&A Trail Marathon & Half Marathon Review

BAHalfMarathonTrailPhotoLOCATION: Severna Park, Maryland

COURSE: “Rails to Trails” (Flat & Paved)

DISTANCE: 13.1 Miles (Half Marathon)

PRICE: $60(Early Bird) – $70(Expo)

GOAL: To Finish 🙂

In this post, I provide my B&A Trail Marathon & Half Marathon review. I decided to run the half marathon of this race since it was my season “opener”.  This race started at Severna Park High School in Severna Park, MD and for the most part was darn near perfect!  Unfortunately, I decided to run this less than 24 hours after coming home from a 6 day cruise and lets just say my sea legs took a toll the entire run.  Outside of my equilibrium issues and the pouring rain, this was a great race!  The first 2 miles were on residential streets with the remainder being on the B & A Trail which is an asphalt “rails to trails” bike and running path. There was one portion that had a gradual 1 mile incline right around the turnaround point at Mile 7/8.  For the most part though, this was a flat fast course and one that I will likely run again (to seek my revenge)!
It was well organized, with a nice premium fleece lined wicking top that fit great because I used it when the temperature dropped to 40 degrees and the rain started pouring 5 minutes prior to the start time.  It didn’t stop the entire time and normally I wouldn’t complain but this rain was persistent and COLD so I wasn’t a happy camper considering I couldn’t see straight either. 
They had a nice little Expo set up in the Cafeteria area of the school, plenty of bathrooms, and the locker room was opened which was great for a quick post-race shower.  In addition, the post-race food was well organized and included, pizza, rice & beans, bagels, fruits, pretzels, peanuts, and waters.  They also had message stations which I didn’t get to test out because the line was too long.
All in all, well worth the $60 and if given the choice to do it again, I would say YES…. just not after taking a cruise! 
RESULTS: 29/100 (for age group) – 2:03:10 – 9:25 pace

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