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Leslie Davis My Story

I’ve watched many transformation videos in the past about people who have changed their lives for the better. People who were overweight, unhappy, and at their rock bottom. People who literally cut themselves in half and are leading a much healthier, much more fit lifestyle now. I cried, I smiled, I was inspired, and I decided it was time to make a change. My transformation is slightly different, everyone has a story. I wasn’t overweight, but I certainly wasn’t healthy. I was happy but not motivated. I didn’t overeat, I just didn’t each much and certainly not much of the right things.  I had a great career and worked with incredible people but something was missing,   something I desperately wanted in MY LIFE. 

This is my story… 


August 2004 – Happy & Heavy at 156lbs.

Like most brides-to-be… I needed to get SKINNY and get SKINNY fast! So, I ate nothing but Lean Cuisines for 5 months straight and being a vegetarian at the time you can only imagine the very limited selection of food in my freezer. When I say that’s all I ate… that’s ALL I ate. I didn’t work out because I didn’t have time!!

So, I lost weight and by May 2005, I married the man of my dreams, on a tropical island, in my pretty white dress, but was nowhere near healthy.

But life went on.  I spent the next 3 years eating my Lean Cuisines and making a couple homemade meals here and there. My husband and I wanted to have kids but I discovered my body was not quite capable of making babies and that’s when I knew I needed to make some major changes in my lifestyle. 

I started eating “healthier”, a.k.a. I a cooked a few meals, and exercised more “regularly”, a.k.a. I got on the Elliptical for 30 minutes on my lunch break and after 5 months of monitoring and treatment I got pregnant! At that point, I decided my diet needed an overhaul. I didn’t want my baby coming out with 5 horns and 3 eyes! This wasn’t about ME it was about my baby! So, I bought organic stuff, I walked, I followed every rule in the book and I had a healthy beautiful baby girl. Now what?!?!

Remember when I said I didn’t have time?! Boy was I in for a rude awakening. I had no idea what adding children to that formula would do. So, I prioritized everything in my life to remain sane and guess what got shoved to the bottom of the list? ME. All moms do it. We want the best for our children and our family and will sacrifice anything to make it happen, including ourselves.

Day in and day out, same routine, rinse, and repeat but I couldn’t complain… my life was complete so I went with the flow. I had a new bundle of joy, a good job, and was married to a man that treated me like a queen. How could anyone complain?!? Then, just when the “newness” of having a baby wore off, we had ANOTHER ONE! Another beautiful baby girl that made our hearts triple in size and time slip through our fingers. Again, that was A-OK because we did what was needed to make it work.

April 2012: i-Robot

Finally, after a year of living in some weird mental and physical state where you feel like a robot on a factory assembly line, I decided I didn’t want to be on the bottom anymore. I needed to figure out a way to take care of ME and MY FAMILY in a balanced manner. It was at that intersection where my health, wellness, and LIFE would change forever!


I decided to buy a pair of new running shoes and hit the asphalt. After 4 months of training, I ran and completed my first 10 miler race. At 5 months, I ran my first half marathon. At 8 months, I ran my first 20 miler. And at 11 months, I ran my first marathon! And guess what, I haven’t stopped running since!  In fact, in Nov. 2015, I ran my first 50 MILE race.  I’m officially an ultra-runner!

During that time though, I borrowed some fitness DVDs from my neighbor to keep me active during the cold winter months.  Have you ever heard of INSANITY!  Yeah.  Best and worst program out there!  Little did I know, borrowing those discs turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.  I was documenting my progress on Facebook and over time, my friends and family started asking me what I was doing to get into shape, how I was able to turn things around, and what was making me so happy?   I had definitely started to make positive changes in my life and people were starting to take notice.  But with all of this new found health and fitness in my life, a new and ugly hole was forming in my heart.  See, when you start to change physically, you also start to change mentally.  I was becoming stronger, I was becoming more resilent, I was becoming more EMPOWERED but I also start to crave MORE out of my life.  

March 2013: The Tides are Changing

At the time, I was highly paid corporate executive that was HUNGRY for change.  I was starting to resent my job.  I was starting to get bitter because I couldn’t attend functions at our daughter’s school.  I was starting to have a lot of anxiety over the emotional changes I was going through.  I’ve always said “I’m a working mom!” but I started to hate working all the time and I really started to hate spending MY time working on someone else’s dream!

But, because we built our dream home, we acquired “stuff” over the years, we had nice cars, and planned vacations, I didn’t BELIEVE I could actually change anything.  I mean come on.  I have 2 degrees in Information Technology and fought my way up the corporate ladder for 12 years to earn a 6 figure income and now I wanted to chase a dream of being a self-made entrepreneur that stayed home, to build a successful online business, so I could be a more present wife and mother????  Who was I kidding?

I grew more resentful.  

That was until the day I decided to take back control and do something about it.  The only person who said I couldn’t change the path I was on was myself. Here I spent a year proving to myself that I could go from being an unhealthy mom at the bottom of the totem pole who didn’t think she could run, to a mom that was getting in the best shape of her life and started running marathons, and I actually believed I couldn’t change other aspects of my life!  INSERT REALITY CHECK!

I got over my little pity party and decided if I wanted something to change, SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE! I learned to love cooking healthy meals for my family. I learned to love exercising!  I learned that I’m a better mom and a better wife, when I look good, when feel good, and when I smile often. I learned that I can’t help others until I help myself first.  Through this process, I learned that living a life with purpose is the KEY to LIVING a fulfilled life!  It was at this point that I got a gentle but confident nudge from my husband that I should pursue my dreams and do something with all that new found passion I had been brewing.

I left my corporate career to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur and Beachbody Coach!



That was it!  That was my missing puzzle piece! Transitioning from a full-time corporate executive career that I loved but knew was NOT my passion in life, to a stay-at-home fitness coach building a business with passion and purpose was the change that I so desperately needed in my life!  I went from constantly rushing, missing school events, and having extreme anxiety because I chose a path that sought out money and corporate success, to living a life by design that allowed me to BE home, to BE present, and to be just as successful but do so with a great amount of pride and love!  Joining this community of positive like-minded people that uses their passion for life, health, and fitness as a way to inspire, motivate, and help others live THEIR best life possible was the best decision I’ve ever made (next to marrying my prince charming of course!)! 

Now, I have a story to share with others who may be feeling the same way I did.  I have a story to tell and the mental and physical fortitude to HELP OTHERS realize what is possible too.   I have a story just like you and if you are sitting there wanting to change your future or craving a different ending, then we should talk because I can help.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and joining our team, then complete the online questionnaire below.

~ Leslie

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