Did someone say Bok Choy?!?!
Well, I’ve got that or a 3/4lb and 10.5″ baby brewing in this belly now. There’s always that point in your pregnancy that you wake up and say, “yep! I’m pregnant!” I reached that point this week.

From the steady kicks I’m now feeling, to the tighter clothes, to the constant peeing, to the lack of range of motion during my workouts… I’m indeed PREGNANT! 

Im still holding up with my workouts and running though. I have another half marathon this weekend and a couple 5ks but nothing else planned at this point. I wasn’t sure what to register for since I run based on how I feel each week and boy has that been an expensive way to join in the fun of an organized race. Yikes! So, we will see what else I can get myself into this summer.

As for names, we’ve finally come up with and agreed on a boy AND girl name that we all love. This has that been a tough process. The girls have been suggesting names since we told them they were going to be big sisters. Some good, some bad and some that should just be left for pets but we finally reached consensus and have a couple contenders!

Now, about that nursery…. That might take me the next 19 weeks to do!!!

21 Week Bump
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