21 Day Fix Transformation


21 Day Fix Transformation

> > QUEUE the TEARS (and pass me some tissues please because it’s time to get a little real…)  This 21 Day Fix transformation (and then some) is beyond incredible!

One day back in February, I hopped on Instagram and invited people to join my very first 21 Day Fix challenge group. The weird thing is, I never really used Instagram beforehand but had an urge to post that night and in hindsight, there was a reason, her name is Andrea.

I remember getting an email from her. I remember our conversation, I remember her struggles, I remember reading the email and feeling as if she was speaking DIRECTLY to me. In fact, I remember where I was sitting and what I was eating at the time too. 

> > Why? Because her story was so strong and her reasons for wanting to change were so clear that her goals became my goals IMMEDIATELY. 

She was in an awful place with her health and desperately wanted to get back to, in her words, the “old me”. The one that was exercising and running marathons, the one that was healthy, strong, and extremely happy. The one that was confident and secure in her own skin. The one that she remembered so vividly but had no idea how to get back to. 

And that’s where I stepped in because I KNEW I could help her. See, I know there are people out there that have this weird idea that Beachbody coaches only exist to sell products and make money. I got to tell you, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As coaches, we are here to help people change their life. We are here to help them find new and exciting ways to get back to their “old me”. We are here to SHOW them that there are ways to achieve success and reach their goals. 

Andrea understood that. She knew I wanted to help and yes, she purchased the 21 Day Fix and starting drinking Shakeology daily as part of our group, and she also lost 40lbs and 28″ since then, and gained her strength back, and started to LOVE her body, and gained more confidence, and smiled a little more often, and started to run again, and started to pay it forward and help others as an incredible coach on our team! And guess what, that $160 investment back in February got her back to her “OLD ME” again. 

Do you think Andrea even thinks twice about spending that money when she looks at how far she has come and what SHE has accomplished in 6 short months? Not a chance. 

> > So, I guess I am a Beachbody coach that sold a product and made an extra $40 that day back in February. BUT, I got to CHANGE A LIFE by doing so and for that I’m unbelievably grateful today. I’m so happy I met this stranger 6 months ago and so proud to call her my friend today. Even if I never made a penny doing this, I would still do it to see a smile like hers everyday!

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  1. Wow..she looks amazing! I very much look like her before picture, if not worse. Never have had that “skinny me” too much, but looking back would love to look like I did in HS! 🙂 I’ve already signed up and am waiting for my Fix to arrive, but getting ready for it. I don’t want to bother you, but wondered, after she finished her 21 Day Fix, what did she do? Or did she continue doing the 21 day Fix? She looks amazing and did that all in 6 mo? Crazy, I can’t even imagine!

    • Hi Tricia, you mentioned that you were going to start the 21 Day challenge back in February, did it work? can you share a little bit of that experience?

      I am going to start my 21 day challenge this Monday and would like to have some input from other people who has already done it.


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