21 Day Fix Review

I’m  so excited to introduce this new program and am happy to give my 21 Day Fix Review to all of you. 

I loved the RESULTS that I got with P90X3 but I knew it would be important that I dial in my nutrition to keep the results coming.  I was at a point in my fitness journey that fine tuning and changing things up were critical for my continued success.  So, when Beachbody announced a new nutrition program called the 21 Day Fix, I knew it was going to be a GAME CHANGER for people.  Especially those that struggle with portion control and proper food group management which I KNEW had my name written all over it!   Even though I have spent the last year eating clean, I knew it was time to put my diet to the test.  I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have!


Take the Challenge!
Take the Challenge!

You get 7 color coded containers that you will use and reuse several times through out the day.  These containers are all different sizes and colors.  What they’ve done is make it easy on you to determine which foods and how much of them you should be eating each day to reach your fitness goals.  Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and an average calorie burn of 400 calories per workout (oh… did I mention you get 7 fantastic workout routines too? I will explain those soon!).  For me, I started with the 1200-1499 calorie plan.  That equates to the following container allowance:

3 Green – Vegetables

4 Red – Proteins

2 Purple – Fruits

2 Yellow – Starch/Carbs

1 Blue – Nuts & Cheese

1 Orange – Seeds & Dressings

2 tsp – Oils & Nut Butters


From there, you know how many containers you should be consuming through each day.  You receive an Eating Plan guide that includes a sample list of approved foods for each category and that’s what you use to build your meal plan and recipes each day.  Super simple, right?  No more tracking, weighing, or counting!  Instead you get to use these containers as a way to VISUALLY see what you are consuming each day and how much of it you should have.  It really creates a lifestyle out of it because after several rounds, I now know what that going to the pantry for an “handful” of nuts throughout the day HAS TO STOP!  That all adds up and knowing I only get 1 blue container put a scratching halt to that habit quickly!  

It was really easy to create a meal plan based on this structure because you know how many you need each day, you have a list to choose from, and all you have to do is put it together.  What I decided to do is make an *EXCLUSIVE* bonus guide for all my members to make it REALLY SIMPLE to plan and excute their meal plans each week.  Here is a sample 21 Day Fix Meal Plan template that I provide all of my members with:

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Week 1 

I chose not to eat out of the containers because I believed it was important to SEE the amount of food that I was consuming which helped me after I finished the program.  Though I love my cute little containers, it is more important that I taught myself proper portioning and food groups for each meal so I needed to SEE it to train my brain.  I encourage all of you to do the same.


Another INCREDIBLE tool that I started to create is a place on my site for all of my recipes and ideas… CHECK OUT MY RECIPE PAGE.  You can clearly see that you will NOT starve on this plan, that the food you consume is wholesome and delicious, and that there are a variety of ways to meet your needs each and everyday.  I’m adding to this page all the time and pinning more ideas on PINTEREST everyday to make it simple for people to get ideas and feel comfortable and confident that they can succeed with this program too!

SummerFreshSalad Guacamole BuffaloCauliflowerBites










SHAKEOLOGY is also included with your challenge pack bundle. It counts as a red container which is one of your proteins.  This makes one of those meals on your plan super easy to plan for!   You do get the option to use milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk, or fruit juice but you need to subtract a yellow container in order to do so.  You can also only do this 3x a week!  So choose wisely. 

In addition, you have allowances for wine, chocolate and desserts (recipes included) which will also replace one of your yellow containers.  It’s all about moderation not deprivation.  Remember, we want to create a lifestyle that is sustainable and not torturous!

There are several recipes in the book that will help you get started.  Seasonings are “FREE” and there are 3 highlighted in the book that are VERY good!  In addition, they have some great salad dressing options too.

TIP: Make your seasons and dressings in advance.  You can triple up on the recipes and have enough for the week.  This will cut the time down each night when preparing your dinner and meals for the next day!


So, we’ve discussed the plan and Shakeology… let’s talk about the workouts.  I love my Beachbody workouts.  I’ve completed Insanity, Insanity Asylum (three times), P90X2, the Ultimate Reset (twice), Focus T25,  P90X3, and am half-way through Les Mills PUMP!  If you are familiar with these programs, you know that that line up is no joke and means BUSINESS!  So, truthfully, I was really just focused on the nutrition portion of this program, not so much the workouts but boy was I pleasantly surprised with this program.   The new Beachbody trainer, Autumn Calabrese, means business.  I thought it would be something lightweight and just enough to spike your heartrate to help you burn calories from the day.  Let me tell you something… I had to drop to my knees at the end of the 1st workout known as Total Body Cardio FIX.  She has done an excellent job pulling together these workouts that include full body, upper body, lower body, stretching, and cardio routines.  You get 7 workouts with this program and a special bonus workout if ordering through me as your coach!  Plus, they have a wide range of individuals doing the workouts, including someone who modifies the entire time.  So, if you need to take a break, make adjustments for past injuries, or just choose to follow them for low impact but high effectiveness, you can and you can the entire time!


Here is the workout schedule for this program:

Feel the Burn!
Feel the Burn!


So, you can see that this is the REAL DEAL.  I really LOVE this program.  It’s a great way to start something new and exciting but not have to commit to something that is 60 or 90 days long.  It’s effective so you see results and that makes you WANT to keep going.  We all know our bodies are made in the kitchen and what they’ve done here with this program is give you the tools you need to succeed quickly but do it in a manner that is sustainable.  

Would you like to join me and others in this challenge?  CONTACT me today or purchase your challenge pack below!  This is a great way to start a new fitness journey or shake up one you are already in!  I encourage you to go after your goals with all you have and do it in a healthy manner!  





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  1. Love your food plan template! I am just about to start the 21dayfix and have been searching for a great meal tracker. Would you mind sharing a blank one?

  2. Hi! I would love to have a copy of your 21 day fix meal plan template! I’m on day three and looking for something like this! Thanks!

  3. I would love for the breakdown of the food on your sample meal plan and the recipes please!
    Any other meal plans (with the breakdowns and recipes) you’ve done for the same calorie group (I’m in the lowest one as well) would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hi

    I wish I’d read your review before purchasing 21day fix program,. I loo over together meal plan template, this has been my Biggest challenge. I’m a vegetarian on my way to being vegan and the meals are a serious challenge for me. Any advice you can provide would be super helpful. Also are you a coach?

  5. I have been trying weight watchers for a few months now and am not losing weight.. (I need to lose a lot of weight mind you like 100 pounds)… Do you think this program would work for me?

    • Hi Courtney! This program will help you achieve weight loss goals. Many of my members that have gone through it lost 5-15lbs and are now doing another round. There are many that have lost double and triple that with multiple rounds since it is only 21 days long. It’s great because you are really creating a lifestyle with it. Not just a fad with an expiration date. There are other factors that will help too. Maybe we can chat about where you are today and what you’d like to do. Can you email me: leslie@fitssimple.com ?

  6. So, i did get this program , but i’m a bit confused, do they want you to calculate calories from your “target weight” or your “actual weight”. At my actual weight i’m at the highest level, which didn’t seem right ….

    • Your actual weight. You may be surprised that your body needs calories and dense nutrition to burn and perform as it should. People naturally think they are going to lose weight if they just eat less when in actuality its all about WHAT you eat and how often.

      Feel free to email me to chat more. Leslie@Fitssimple.com

  7. Hello! I loved the break down of the program you made. My hubby and I are starting the program. Would you mind sharing the meal planning template you made? Thank you!


  8. Hi,
    I recently joined beach body and purchased the 21 day fix program. would you be able to send me the meal plan templates via email please? I would really appreciate it.


  9. I there i am starting this with my daughter and was wondering if you could send me one of your meal plans templates by email i would really appreciate it.I am not that good at planing good meal plans so hoe you can help me

  10. About to start 21 Day Fix!

    Dad just passed away. Lotta bad hospital food consummed.

    2 things:

    a) please send Meal Tracker template! Great idea.
    b) how much fruit allowed per week on this plan?


  11. please send me a template too! I don’t have much to loose, but have been on the plan 21 days and haven’t lost a pound or inch (although I know I am more defined)! I really want to dial in my food plan. This would really help!



  12. Hi there love your site. I have purchased the 21 day fix having a hard time tracking could I have a blank copy of your template? Thx

  13. I didn’t order the program but want to try and eat healthy. I workout daily at a gym and didn’t want to get the DVD and not utilize the GYM which i pay each month. Would i see results without the workout DVD?

    • Hey Maria –

      Unfortunately they don’t sell the nutrition component separate. It’s all together (workout and containers). That said, yes. You will see results from the eating portion, especially if you are working out still too. Send me a message if you need anything!

  14. Love your meal plans and story. I am wanting to purchase 21 day fix . I want to see the meal choices I have or what I need to go get at the store to get started. Is there a list of foods from the different colors of containers. If you could e-mail it to me with a meal plan. I would be so grateful. Thank YOu .suzy

  15. Hi Leslie, I know you are getting a lot of requests for this but I would LOVE a copy of your blank meal planning template if you are willing to share. Judging from your site you definitely know your way around powerpoint! Have you ever thought about posting a tutorial? I’m sure a LOT of people would find it so helpful. If you wouldn’t mind my email is: amschaef@gmail.com. Thank you!!

  16. Would you mind sharing a blank meal planning template and the workout calendar with me? I’m hoping to start my 21 day fix soon but need to get organized first so I have a plan set in place! My email is photographybykay@hotmail.com. Thanks! 🙂

  17. Hello Leslie,

    Just received my 21 Day Fix kit…..excited! and a little overwhelmed. If possible, could you kindly send me a copy of a blank meal tracker and anything else you think would help me in my journey.
    Thank you!

  18. I would love a copy of your blank meal planner template, along with the one above please. I’m do to get my 21 day fix on Wednesday. I’m trying to prepare the meals before it arrives. I find your page very insightful.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. hi. I have ordered the 21 day fix. Would you please send me your templates? They are awesome. I can’t wait to get started. Any pointers would also be greatly appreciated. I also can’t wait to try your recipes as well. Thank you so much!

  20. Hi Leslie – I’m so confused with the Calorie calculator – my main reason to do the 21 day fix is to eat healthy and maintain a consistent workout schedule. I weight 120 – my comfortable weight is 115 – so when I put in my actual weight is says my calorie target is
    970! That seems so low – maybe I’m not doing it correctly??? Help!

    Love your website BTW – appreciate any help 🙂


  21. I was able to use your Week 1 meal plan from Pinterest, and I thank you for it. You made it incredibly simple for me to follow and incorporated foods that I like. Do you have one set up for Week 2? I get too easily overwhelmed trying to come up with the weekly plan on my own and I NEED something to follow, otherwise I’ll give up! Thanks! :o)

  22. I enjoyed looking at your site. I have been doing the 21 fix plan for close to a week now. Have been struggling at how to outline my meals. If I could have a blank template that would be wonderful. jltolle@hotmail.com
    thanks jackie

    Also thanks for an outline of workout orders. I was confused as to an order.

  23. Hi I found your web site from Pintrest and love it!! Monday I am starting the 21 day fix and I am gonna do your week one plan.What was the hardest part for you ? Do you have any other weeks? Also how can I get a blank template? Please email me at Paws212@aol.com

  24. I am starting the 21 day fix but struggling with what to eat. Your meal plans look like something I could do. Would you mind sharing.

  25. Would love to get a copy of your template. Will be starting the plan this week. Really enjoying your videos – lots of great tips and info. Thanks you !

  26. Joining the template request bandwagon. I purchased this some time ago and can’t find my booklet. Also, procrastination is my downfall. I’ll have NO excuses once I get your template so I’m finally ready. I’m also tired of passing through my kitchen and hearing those cute little colorful containers on the countertop laughing at me…….

  27. I really enjoyed reading your post about all the progress you have made! I keep putting off my 21 day fix because I am struggling with making a meal plan =( , i really loved your template and was wondering if you could please email me a copy?? Thank so much

  28. Hi! I really enjoyed your post and it inspired me to try the 21 day challenge. Can you send me the blank template? I am really bad at planning ahead with meals so I think this will be a great asset to my weight loss.

    Thanks so much and keep the reviews coming!


  29. I look forward to starting this program at the beginning of the month. I have figured out my calories and it says I need to eat around 1800. That seems really high when MFP is telling me to only eat 1200 plus exercise. Can you please let me know if this is right or not. Thanks,

  30. I would absolutely LOVE a blank meal plan template! I know that this would help me tremendously. Thank you!

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