21 Day Fix Results


21 Day Fix Results

I have been so excited to share these 21 Day Fix Results with everyone!  I wrapped up the first Test Group yesterday and just can’t believe how these SIMPLE, yet effective,  color coded containers have been and how they completely changed my view on food!  I have worked very hard over the past 2 years incorporating daily exercise and proper nutrition into everyday life.  My goal has always been to simplify what seems so complicated with fitness and nutrition and as a result, I have never been in better shape in all my life!  I’m not saying that to brag or boast.  I just need everyone to understand where I was in my journey BEFORE starting this program.  To me, I felt that I had it all figured out and that what I was doing was just fine because I was successfully maintaining my weight and reaching my fitness goals each month.  That was until these little guys entered into my routine… 

The 21 Day Fix has literally revolutionized our way of controlling our portions and daily nutrition, specifically what types of food to eat and how much throughout your day.  I will be COMPLETELY honest… at first glance, even I thought it was a little gimmicky but that didn’t stop me from wanting to put my diet to the test and I’m so glad I did too! 

So, just before starting this program I weighed 132.2 lbs and have been at that weight for over two years now.  Doing this program FOR ME was not about losing weight, though I will share some incredible transformations from my Test Group soon.  For me, this was about dialing in my nutrition and really testing what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years.  

I did lose 2 lbs and actually made a few adjustments to keep it there since I prefer not to be under 130 lbs.  I also lost 2 more inches as a result of doing this program.  I kept my typical routine the same which is working out to P90X3 and running throughout the week.  The only difference was adding this nutrition layer in so I’m confident that those results were a reflection of doing this program over the past 21 days. 

More important than the measurements though, were MY specific 21 Day Fix results:

1. I do not need to snack ALL DAY LONG. I am constantly feeding my body. I mean like every 1-1.5 hours on some days. Keeping to the structure outlined in the program guide wasn’t bad at all and actually made me appreciate my meals more.  I can space my meals/snacks out more and feel full without the extra handfuls of almonds and peanuts. 

2. I don’t need extra handfuls of almonds and peanuts! I was eating ENTIRELY TOO MANY!  That blue container put A LOT in perspective for me.  I was eating entirely too many! 

3. I need to STEP AWAY from the avocados! I love my avocados, and hummus, and nuts, and nut butters…. reigning it in to 1 blue container was tough but it made me appreciate those foods so much more when I did incorporate in my day.  

4. OILs… I don’t need to cook with oil all the time. A dash in my noodles, a dash on my salad, on the grill, on this on that… it ALL adds up. Pulling it in to 2 tsp a day was tough but doable.  My food didn’t change in taste as result either.  Same great food with a lot less fat.  Good or not… it’s still needs to be used sparingly. 

5. Quit the carb loading.  As a runner, I gave myself the liberty of eating as many carbs “as I need” because its fuel.  Well guess what?!? I don’t need nearly the amount that I was consuming.   My chicken rice bowls should be a lot more chicken and a lot less rice!  It didn’t impact my running performance.  I ran the same as I always had been and probably cut AT LEAST half the carbs out of my diet while doing this program.  AT LEAST!

So there you have it…  these 7 containers COMPLETELY changed my perspective in a few key areas of my nutrition and I will continue to map my meal plans out with the concepts and techniques that I learned while on this journey.   There were a couple women that also started my accountability group early with me and check out their results below.

21 Day Fix Results

Testimony #1:

21 Day Fix Results



21 Day Fix Results












There are several more wrapping up each week going forward so check back to see more testimonies on how this program is working out for others!  If you have any questions or would like more information about the 21 Day Fix, please contact me. 

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  1. Did you find it better to do the workouts before or after your runs? Fellow runner here!:) (I’m doing this for

    • Kelly –

      I prefer it after I run. Depending on what it is. Since running is my #1 priority, I want to make sure I have what it takes to complete them and not deplete my energy before I lace up. That said, there are some strength training programs that I will occasionally do prior to a run.

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