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21 Day Fix Frozen Raspberry YogurtI’m really starting to get the hang of these containers and am 99% sure I will use them forever!  The 21 Day Fix program has really changed the way I think about portion control and the TYPES of food I am eating with every meal.   I was really nervous in the beginning because I’ve been doing the same routine for over a year and was making great progress but knew I needed to put my plate to the test!  I was afraid to see just how far off I was and let me tell you, I was off!

For one, my carbs were WAY TOO HIGH!   As a runner, I often gave myself the liberty of eating amany carbs as I wanted for “fuel”.  I need it right?  How am I going to survive a 10+ mile run without it?  Guess what?  I survived my 10 mile run last week and my 15 mile one yesterday just fine!  In fact, I felt  great and a lot less heavy leading up to those runs.

Fuel Your Run

The second part was I was afraid of letting go of my food!  I LOVE FOOD!  Again, I was giving myself too much liberty with food because it was “healthy” foods but guess what?  You can overeat on healthy foods too.  I used to eat an avocado almost EVERYDAY.  A whole avocado.  On top of that, I could never resist a handful of almonds every time I passed the pantry door.  Come on!  Raw almonds are such great snacks.   What if I told you that your snack should consist of 12 almonds, not 20, 30, or even 40!  TWELVE.  

Being on this 21 Day Fix program has NOT starved me at all.  It has given me the tools needed to identify proper portions, fuel with the right combinations of foods, and make a sustainable lifestyle out of an easy plan.  This is NOT a diet fad.  This is NOT a scam.  This is a way to get weight loss results the RIGHT way…. by managing the food that enters your body! Check out my FULL review HERE for more details on the 21 Day Fix program. 

21 Day Fix Progress Photo

Thank you for letting me share a piece of my journey with you! Leslie

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