I really cannot speak more highly of this program and wanted to share some of my FAVORITE 21 Day Fix Meals, Recipes, and plans with you now that I have completed the program.  If you haven’t already done so, check out my Full Review and Results to get more information about this program.

This program is so simple to follow and the fact that you are working with wholesome ingredients just adds to the excitement.  You can’t really go wrong with fruits, veggies, and some protein like chicken and fish!  The best part is that you get a list of foods for each container which makes it easy to create meal plans each week. 

21 Day Fix Meals: On a Budget

The 21 Day Fix meals can be made with super SIMPLE ingredients that you can by anywhere, even when on a tight budget.  Things as simple as chicken, eggs, spinach, carrots, peppers, etc. can be used and won’t break the bank! I would say I spend 90% of my meal budget in the produce section.  One of my BIGGEST food budget tips is to PLAN each week.  It pays to have a plan in place because you are almost guaranteed not to waste a thing!  And I don’t know about you, but I can not stand throwing food away at the end of each week.

 21 Day Fix Meals: The Best Of Plan

21 Day Fix Meals: Recipes

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes:

RED = Chicken
PURPLE = Strawberries
ORANGE = Sunflower Seeds
tsp = Balsamic Dressing Recipe (pg. 56 of the Eating Plan)

Combine in a bowl and call it a day (or a meal)!


RED = Chicken
GREEN = Spinach & Tomato
YELLOW = Whole Grain Rotini Noodles
1 tsp = For chicken and to sauté everything together. 
FREE = 1 crushed Garlic Clove, Salt, and Dried Crushed Red Peppers

Saute garlic in Olive Oil. Add all ingredients and warm for 5-8 minutes.  Place on dish and spice it up with Crushed Red Peppers for a kick!


And just to prove to you how quick, easy and delicious these meals can be… check out my YouTube Channel to see some of my favorite 21 Day Fix Meals!  You won’t be disappointed.

 Chicken, Spinach, and Tomato Pasta!


Veggie Stir Fry!


Spicy Turkey Lettuce Wraps!


Shrimp Tacos!

 Check out even MORE RECIPES here:



So, you can see that this is the REAL DEAL.  It’s game time and I can’t wait to share this program with each of you!  

If you are interested in getting access to all of my bonus materials, meal plans, recipes, and more or would like to join me and others in our next challenge just CONTACT me today or purchase your challenge pack below!  This is a great way to start a new fitness journey or shake up one you are already in!  I encourage you to go after your goals with all you have and do it in a healthy manner!