21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts

21 Day Fix Extreme ResultsFinally!!!  We can share some of our favorite 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts with all of you.  Last October, my husband and I were asked to participate in the 21 Day Fix Extreme Coach Test group and be mentored and trained by Autumn Calabrese herself along the way.  What an incredible opportunity this was and the experience was quite literally body changing!  

For Tommie and I, we wanted to do a program that we could walk away from saying “now that was intense, challenging, and well worth it!”  and that is exactly what happened with this new workout.  It’s designed to SHRED your body.  Those pesky 10 pounds that won’t move, the extra definition in your upper body, abs, and legs, and just fine tuning your nutrition is what this is all about.  We couldn’t have imagined how transforming this experience was going to be and appreciated every second we had with this group and with Autumn.

These will be short clips until we are given permission to share ALL of our documents, files, and videos with you that we compiled as part of the OFFICIAL 21 Day Fix Extreme Coach Test Group!  

Since many of the workouts were our favorite, we decided to poll our networks and it looks like the majority wanted a preview the Plyometrics Extreme workout first.  So here we go!

21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts Sneak Peek: 

I can honestly say that much of our upper body definition was because of THIS fitness program. The use of weights in EVERY workout, with the exception of Yoga, keeps your muscles engaged the ENTIRE time increasing your calorie burn and building mass. 

This is probably the most challenging of the workouts because it’s PLYO and weights together but it leaves you feeling WORKED a from head to toe. 

I hope you guys are ready! Refreshing my memory had me sweating 5 minutes into the making of this clip. LOL. 

Please contact me or pre-register below to be contacted when our official test group opens!  We hope you join us on this incredible body transforming journey!


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